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Chatter: March 12

Be safe, have fun over Spring Break

1. If you’re going to do something embarrassing, don’t wear USC gear. We don’t need a repeat of “”Borat.””

2. Don’t drink the (tape)worm, enough said.

3. Don’t get sunburned on your first day. Sunscreen is a good thing. You can even ask someone good-looking to put it on for you.

4. Don’t get arrested. If you do, make sure you send copies of your mugshot to your


5. If you’re going to be home, hit up the nearest college. Just remember to represent your school — no party fouls.

6. Use protection. Condoms protect from some STDs. Mace protects from all STDs.

7. Go ahead and hook up with foreigners. Just make sure they’re not foreign exchange students attending USC.

8. Have a DD. No, that doesn’t stand for designated drunk.

9. Watch your drink. Roofies aren’t a normal ingredient in margaritas.

10. Fist pump as much as possible. But watch where you point that thing.

Whether you choose to relax, celebrate or catch up on the work you’ve been pushing off,

The Daily Gamecock wishes our readers a safe and fun spring break

By the South Carolina Daily Gamecock

Editorial Board , March 11

Prepare yourself over break for zombie attack

Yes, they’re back. That’s right, the zombies are back! Oh, and the humans, too, so make sure you stretch those limbs and get ready to dash around the campus shooting your Nerf guns at unsuspecting zombies. If you’re not participating in the battle, prepare to watch some good, clean fun.

The spring edition of “”Humans vs. Zombies”” will start after Spring Break on March 23 and run through March 27. We are excited to see this game take over Purdue’s campus once again. It’s a great way for a community of students, faculty and staff to come together and enjoy a friendly game in which people can make new friends, not to mention act like they’re kids again. To the nay-sayers: This is just a fun game that brings about campus camaraderie and unity. It’s not detrimental to anyone involved, or any bystanders for that matter.

Kevin Barlow, the president of the group organizing and moderating the weeklong event, says the event brings the whole campus together.

“”You see people from all different majors, who have never met before, working together as a team to accomplish a goal. But even those who don’t participate are brought together by the event,”” Barlow said. “”Everyone from students to staff to faculty knows about it, and they get to enjoy sharing stories and being part of a campus that is full of people who are both going to school and having fun.””

As an estimated 2,000 students, who will be split into three main factions with each having their own missions, skillfully slip in and out of campus buildings, we will be applauding our campus’ efforts to have recess-like fun once again. These students will “”make an otherwise normal school week exciting and fun,”” as Barlow put it.

Two of our own editorial board members will be joining the battle, so stay tuned for updates, and join us in enjoying the spectacle that is about to ensue. Our last word of advice? Beware of bathrooms if you’re trying to remain a human: Those zombies are wily minxes who will attack even while you’re on the pot.

By the Purdue University Exponent

Editorial Board , March 11

A sobering tale

On Wednesday, searchers found the body of a 39-year-old woman who disappeared Monday near Munds Park in northern Arizona after leaving to take her dog on a walk. According to The Arizona Republic, Tanya Morris was discovered fewer than two miles from where her car was parked, and sheriff’s officials believe she died from exposure to the elements.

Earlier this month, a 17-year-old high school senior named Chelsea King went missing while jogging in a park north of San Diego, and the country watched as dozens of searchers combed a four-mile area on the shore of Lake Hodges, according to ABC News. Her body was found six days after she went missing, and convicted sex offender John Albert Gardner III is being held on suspicion of rape and first-degree murder in the case.

Chandra Levy. Laci Peterson. Natalee Holloway.

These stories are far more common than they should be.

Tragedy does not strike those who deserve it — victims of violent and senseless crime do not head out for the night expecting to find disaster. Similarly, those who die in accidents are victims of just that — an accident.

Although these are examples of missing women and outstanding tragedy, their stories are further proof (in case we needed any) that every human life is precious and utterly fragile.

Contrary to the average college student’s belief, we are not invincible.

For a generation that participates in rituals like 21 shots on a 21st birthday and finds blacking out to be funny (see, today’s youth are playing the odds when it comes to their lives, and the stakes are just too high.

As you head off to Mexico, California, Mill Avenue or wherever else you’re spending spring break, remember to bring your common sense along for the ride. Despite what the Nevada tourism industry would have you believe, what happens in Vegas does not always stay there.

Alcohol is an accelerant for dangerous situations — as people who scour through police reports on a daily basis for story ideas, take our word for that.

In State Press stories this semester, we’ve seen a drunken box-cutter stabbing, sexual assault aided by date rape drugs and a plethora of alcohol-related infractions on or around campus.

And all that’s been when school was in session.

We don’t mean to say that fun equals bad or alcohol is the root of all evil, but how much spring break frivolity is worth your life? A good rule of thumb is not to gamble what you’re not willing to lose.

Maybe you’re laughing right now, maybe you’re shaking your head and maybe you’re saying that we just don’t get it. But maybe you’ll think — and that just may save your life.

By the Arizona State University State Press Editorial Board, March 10


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