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A cause worth sleeping for

The decision of a group of protestors — which included several Harvard students — to stage a “”sleep-out”” in support of climate-change legislation last Monday evening in Boston Common might strike observers as odd. Yet while setting up tents in the very tame wilderness of central Boston is peculiar, the cause the demonstrators supported is not. The students, through their transient tent city, intended to call attention to climate change and show support for introducing a bill that would require Massachusetts to be powered with 100 percent renewable energy by 2020. As expected, the protest was broken up by Boston police officers, and now nearly 70 participants have been served citations for trespassing on public property. But the Harvard administration’s lack of support for its protesting students has added a mini-drama to this strange story that could have been avoided at little cost.

Given Harvard’s rhetoric about sustainability and “”Green is the New Crimson”” campaign, it is disappointing that, when the university was approached by Harvard students interested in staging a sleep-out for climate change on the Harvard campus, administrators rejected the students’ petition. Allowing the students to stage a protest here would have helped to raise awareness on campus, showcased Harvard’s commitment to dealing with the pressing problem of climate change, and avoided what is now a headache for the administration and protesters alike.

— The Harvard Crimson, Harvard University

Staying civil

Meghan McCain, daughter of former presidential candidate John McCain, was on campus Monday evening. She spoke about standing up for one’s beliefs and being a progressive Republican, which often puts her in opposition to some traditional Republican viewpoints.

But regardless of your opinions on the McCain family or its political and social views, we can use it as an example. Meghan McCain has publicly disagreed with much of the Republican party on key social issues. Yet those discrepancies don’t ruin the family.

It doesn’t matter what your views are on any topic. Nobody’s views are identical across the board with someone else’s. Disagreement should not displace civility. You’d have a hard time finding a friend or even a family member who you completely agree with on hot button political and social issues. Political debate should not get so heated as to compromise relationships with family, friends or coworkers.

— Ball State University Daily News, Ball State University

Swine Flu vaccine vital for campus, community health

Living in close quarters can be annoying. It’s hard to ignore your roommate’s party to sleep before that test and it’s hard to avoid catching the cold that’s going around when they constantly cough into their hands before rummaging around in the fridge. But with the potentially fatal Swine Flu making the rounds, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking all the precautions you can to keep from getting sick.

The H1N1 vaccine may soon be mandated at some universities and it’s certainly recommended for students here who live in close quarters, such as dorm residents. But merely asking students to get the H1N1 vaccine isn’t enough. Universities should inform their students of the risk they take by not getting the vaccine, instead of just recommending it and hoping students take them up on the advice.

The H1N1 virus is an especially virulent form of the type A influenza. Most students probably have, or know someone who has, been quarantined or hospitalized for symptoms of H1N1.

With the busy lifestyle most students hold down, it’s hard to stick to a medicinal regimen until you’re completely healthy. However, it’s still important to get treatment if you’re in danger of catching H1N1, or already have it.

— The Orion, California State University-Chico

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