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Community Chatter: UA students weigh in on sexual assault awareness

What does sexual assault awareness mean to you? What can the university do to help raise awareness of this issue?

“The most important thing is having people understand that rape culture is a real thing, because I think a lot of people kind of brush it under the rug, especially the government and colleges, because they want rape to seem like it’s not such a big deal. And I think a lot of people are afraid to talk about it. It’s kind of a taboo topic, so I think the most important thing is letting people know that it’s important to [talk about], no matter what kind of thing it is. I think there should definitely be some descriptions on what sexual assault constitutes. … Just actually describing that would be super helpful for college students, I think.” — Alexandra Schaefer, a psychology junior.

“I don’t really know. I feel like there’s a lot of stuff that’s already done for that. I think it would be good if there was some sort of specialist within the university that could answer people’s questions and stuff about it.” — Hayden Nestande, an undeclared freshman.

“Making mandatory meetings with the freshmen when they are coming to the UA and doing things on the [UA Mall] and maybe a lot more on social media, just because of how in tune [we] are to social media.” — Ryan Ring, a pre-business freshman.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s been pretty well promoted and everything. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on it. I think that people have a very general awareness of it, but it’s just one of those things where I think it’s hard to prevent because it’s just one of those things that everybody knows is wrong, but people do anyway, unfortunately. I’m not really sure what else can be done, to be honest.” — Kevin Croneigh, a biomedical engineering junior.

“I would say for programs, just having resources available for kids to go to who don’t feel comfortable … talking about an experience they had or where their friends were involved in sexual harassment.” — Rachel Bear, a neuroscience freshman.

“I would say with sexual assault awareness, … more available information on how to handle a sexual assault situation, because a lot of people just don’t know where to go or who to talk to about that.” — Victoria Le, an engineering management sophomore.

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