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    “On the Spot: Kodi Keller, English Junior”

    What are you reading here in the Union?

    I am reading a book called “”Drown”” for my English class. It’s kind of interesting it’s about drug cartels in Mexico, I believe, I’m only a little bit in to it.

    How could you go wrong with a book about drugs? Are you a big reader?

    Yes, I’m a huge reader.

    Are you into Harry Potter, Twilight, classic literature, what?

    I love Harry Potter; I read all the time. I walk from class to my house, while reading, it’s embarrassing, but I read a lot and I don’t like Twilight but I love Harry Potter and I love basically all books, I read anything.

    How many times have you read Harry Potter?

    Okay, I have read the first through the fourth nine times each. I’m not even joking I wish I was though and then I’ve read the other ones probably about four or five times each.

    Do you ever get extremely irritated when movies just completely ruin books?

    I was really, really angry after the sixth Harry Potter movie because it ruined it so much. They added parts that weren’t in there and it really, really angered me.

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Yes, I do believe in ghosts.

    So I take it you are going to be seeing Paranormal this week?

    I am if I can get someone to drive me on Thursday night at midnight.

    Have you had any out of body experiences with any extraterrestrial creatures and or ghosts?

    Never extraterrestrial creatures, but one time I went to a haunted house in San Diego called Quest Havens and I swear to God I was chased out of the forest by ghosts. We broke in to the forest of an old burned down asylum in San Diego, because I am crazy and do stuff like that, and we were poking around for like an hour and all of a sudden we heard footsteps and a noise behind us and it was like two in the morning on a Tuesday night, in the middle of the woods. Seriously, it really happened.

    So I take it you are pumped for the scary aspect of the Halloween festivities?

    Yes, I am really excited.

    Are you going to have your own haunted house?

    Probably not but I definitely want to go to the “”Slaughter House,”” but not have my own.

    Caroline Nachazel

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