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    71-year-old touches lives of fraternity ‘sons’

    Live-in house director Millie Louviere, 71, spends her days keeping order and taking care of the boys at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.
    Live-in house director Millie Louviere, 71, spends her days keeping order and taking care of the boys at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

    Next to rows of fraternity rooms adorned with beer paraphernalia, pin-up girl posters and makeshift bars, lies a French country-styled apartment, complete with old photographs and teddy bears.

    71-year-old Millie Louviere has called this residence home for the past three years. She speaks in a soft voice with her hands placed gently in her lap. Her calm demeanor acts as a sharp contrast to the rough and raucous ways of her roommates, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Louviere is the fraternity’s live-in house director. She has 20 years of experience and after spending 13 of them in Lincoln, Neb., she came to the UA. Currently, she is the only house mother for a fraternity at the UA.

    Many of Louviere’s “”boys”” have kept in close contact with her. A Theta Chi who graduated from the University of Nebraska sent Louviere on the trip of a lifetime.

    “”One of the boys worked at the embassy in Africa and he remembered my birthday and e-mailed me and said, ‘Mom, it’s time for you to come visit me,'”” Louviere said.

    She spent four weeks abroad and the two traveled throughout the continent each weekend. “”And so that was my birthday gift. I went to Africa to visit him for a month. Oh, it was wonderful,”” Louviere said.

    In 1995, one of the Theta Chi brothers asked Louviere on a date. This was no ordinary invite, however. The invitation was four years in advance; he wanted to ring in the new century with her.

    “”I said, ‘Steve, you’ll be someplace far off in 1999. That’s a long time away,'”” she said.

    To Louviere’s surprise, four years later, Steve called and said, “”I’m waiting to see when you’re coming for New Year’s Eve.””

    Louviere flew out to New York, Steve’s treat. “”I got to see the old century out and a new one in, in high class,”” she giggled.

    The men always make sure that she feels welcome, especially during mealtimes at the fraternity, said Chase Kaesman, a live-in sophomore in Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

    “”We always make sure to sit with her. We’re fraternity guys and stuff but we try to watch our language around her,”” Kaesman said. “”We always say ‘Sorry Millie’ when we let a cuss word slip. That saying gets used a lot during our meals around here.””

    Even Marcos Rodriguez, the president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, admires Louviere’s ability to put up with college guys.

    “”She’s a sweetheart and she’s always there to talk to. You can basically tell her anything because she’s seen it all,”” Rodriguez said. “”I don’t know how she handles 152 guys, but she does.””

    Louviere has help from a few women who have an idea of what it’s like to be Millie. She attends monthly meetings that act as a forum for all the house directors on campus. She was president of the House Director’s Association for the past two years, where she served as a coordinator for the meeting and the directors.

    “”Everybody loves Millie, including me. No exaggerations,”” said Mailisa Anderson, the house director for Alpha Phi. “”She is huggable and loveable. She is the kind of person you would pick up the phone and call in a crisis.””

    Louviere’s favorite activity with the other house directors is doing the Homecoming parade each year. “”We’ve always been in the parade on the man-powered bikes. It’s fun to be on the one that does some wheelies,”” Louviere said with a laugh.

    Louviere said she has no plans on leaving anytime soon.

    “”I have many wonderful years of experience in both fraternity and sorority houses,”” she said. “”I work from my heart and that’s hard to put on a resume.””

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