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    Fast food deliveries becoming overkill

    At the UA, students take full advantage of food delivery from places like Papa John’s, Jimmy John’s, Cheba Hut and Mamma’s Hawaiian BBQ, but there is a point where delivery becomes excessive, money becomes an issue and laziness becomes a lifestyle.

    As if fast food weren’t fast enough and pulling up to a drive-through window was unbearable, one participating Burger King in Tucson, located on St. Mary’s Road, is now delivering. Arizona is home to four whopper-delivering locations, while other states like California seem to be fully on board with more than 20 participating locations.

    By ordering online, customers can have select Burger King items delivered to their home, dorm, apartment, business office or hotel in and around the UA area. However, there are several restrictions that make this a bad deal for consumers.

    According to BK Delivers’ web page, orders must be $10 or more and customers have to pay a $2 delivery fee, and that doesn’t include a tip for the driver.

    As college students, time is precious and food delivery can be a good option when leaving the computer or textbook isn’t realistic.

    Delivery makes sense for places without a drive-through window. However, Burger King delivery is overkill.

    It’s simple. Pay as little as a couple of dollars for french fries, skip out on the delivery fee and forget calculating in a tip for the driver.

    As students, trying to save money in any way possible is the norm. And, if that means still spending money to eat out, save an extra buck here and there by staying in the car and using the drive-through at fast-food places that offer such a convenient service.

    Additionally, customers should know that certain menu items have been altered for delivery. For example, only large fries and bottled drinks are available rather than a small fry and fountain drink. This removes the possibility of moderation.

    According to the American Heart Association 2013 fact sheet, 154.7 million Americans 20 years and older are overweight or obese. The U.S. Census Bureau reported the current U.S. population at about 317 million.

    Only time will tell when a chain reaction will start and other franchises will get on board. Everything will be delivered and people will no longer have to go out and get their food.

    Perhaps the depiction of community members who are too lazy to get out of their chairs in “Wall-E” wasn’t too far fetched.

    When most people have the accessibility of a car or are in walking distance of a chain restaurant, the emersion of fast-food delivery like BK Delivers is too much of a good thing.

    Ashley T. Powell is a senior studying journalism.Follow her on

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