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POLICE BEAT: 10/02/2017

Alex McIntyre

Officers with the Phoenix Police Department stand by with nonlethal weapons and riot helmets outside a rally for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Phoenix Convention Center on Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Trump gave a speech on immigration to a crowd of supporters while protests fumed outside the venue.

Finsta Fued

A University of Arizona Police Officer was called to Coronado Residence Hall Sunday, Sept. 24, to investigate a potential incident of threats.

The officer met with the student who called in the incidents.

According to the police report, the reporting student was looking for a friend when she got into an exchange with a second student. The second student said she found the reporting student obnoxious. The reporting student called the second student a “bitch,” and then left.

Twenty minutes later, the second student was knocking on a door down the hall. The reporting student heard this and, thinking it was the friend she was looking for earlier, jumped into the hallway and yelled, “What’s up bitch?” as a greeting. When she realized it was the second student, she quickly returned to her room.

The reporting student refused to apologize and instead took to a private, second Instagram account, known colloquially as a “finsta.” She described the altercation there, claiming that the second student tried to punch her.

She later clarified in a subsequent post that she did not see the second student try to punch her during the argument.

Later that day, the reporting student told police she received text messages from a friend of the second student expressing his dismay at the reporting student’s posts. No direct threats were made in the messages.

The reporting student told officers she never felt physically threatened by the others. The officer informed her that he would not be making any arrests.

The officer told all three students to be more respectful in the ways they interact with each other, as their behavior could have easily escalated to a criminal nature. 

Going Down?

Wednesday, Sept. 20, UAPD officers arrived at Coronado Residence Hall after a Residents Assistant called to report screaming coming from the elevator lobby on the 6th floor.

According to the police report, the RA had seen a large crowd gathered around the elevator. Two males students were being restrained, each attempting to fight the other.

Officers talked to each of the students separately.

The first student told police that he was in the elevator with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s acquaintance when the other student commented to the acquaintance, “Ew, she is sick. Get that girl away from me.”

Feeling he had to stand up for his girlfriend’s acquaintance, the first student told the other that “it’s just a girl.” The other student punched him, the first student claimed. The first student then returned two punches. Other students in the elevator managed to break up the fight, after which the two students apologized and shook hands.

The first student stated that he did not wish to press charges, nor did he wish to seek medical attention for the slight swelling over his right eye.

The second student involved reported to police that he boarded the elevator with the other male, the other male students girlfriend, and her friend. He showed concern for her health. The other male student took this as inappropriate interest in his girlfriend and threatened the student. The two pushed each other. He told police that the other student then punched him. The fight was then broken up by other students in the elevator.

He did not wish to press charges.

No charges were brought against either party and no damage was done to the residence hall.

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