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    Pulse of the Pac

    “All for one and one for drones” by Peter Northfelt

    [In November], seven states in the European Union announced the feasibility of a program to develop drones within the EU. The plan included seven states and will be implemented by 2020.

    This represents a huge shift for the EU and is a blow to the arms industry of the U.S. and Israel, who sell the most drones to the international markets. In the U.S., the drone market represents $13 billion in government expenditures. Internationally, the drone market is projected to grow to $11.6 billion. These numbers frighten me, simply because of the scale. We already devote so much energy to the creation of destructive technologies and give just lax interest to constructive ones. Unfortunately, the world seems to be following in our footsteps.

    The State Press
    Arizona State University

    Full article here.

    “Assault policies need student feedback” by Alexandra Tashman

    The greatest ally any perpetrator of sexual violence has is silence. By speaking out, survivors can make sure crimes don’t go unpunished and are less likely to be repeated.

    Last week, UCLA was chosen as one of four California public universities to undergo an audit approved in August by the California Joint Committee on Legislative Audit. Specifically, it will address sexual violence and sexual harassment policies.

    Regardless of the audit’s results, the state review should be an impetus for UCLA to improve its own sexual violence policies by expanding student input. In order to make sure that the process of reporting and responding to sexual assault is an inclusive one, and that survivors at UCLA are being heard, UCLA administrators must make an active effort to solicit student opinion on the university’s sexual violence policies.

    Daily Bruin
    University of California, Los Angeles

    Full article here.

    “Iran deal will boost diplomatic relations” by Yasmeen Serhan

    After a year of secret talks between the United States and Iran, an interim deal was reached between Iran and six world powers Sunday aimed at slowing Tehran’s nuclear program, according to CNN. This more diplomatic move has been met with a fierce overreaction from Israel, prompting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to dub the agreement a “historic mistake,” and liken it to the widely hailed diplomatic agreement with North Korea that proved ultimately ineffective, as North Korea conducted its first nuclear test a year later.

    But North Korea is not Iran, and this deal is not a form of the international community condoning a nuclear Iran — far from it. Rather, it is an opportunity for both Iran and the West to take concrete steps in improving what has since been shaky relations.

    Daily Trojan
    University of Southern California

    Full article here.

    “You shouldn’t shop on Black Friday” by Kevin Sullivan

    According to ABC news, in 1966 Black Friday was given the name by the Philadelphia Police Department in an attempt to discourage consumers from shopping on the day. It wasn’t until later that retailers twisted the name into something positive to encourage consumers to go out and do their Christmas shopping.

    In fact, Black Friday has almost become a holiday itself. If you ever venture to visit the Wal-Mart website, you would find that they have conveniently placed a countdown to the second for the arrival of Black Friday.

    I won’t be counting down the seconds until Black Friday, nor will I ever indulge in an event that I believe is the antithesis of Thanksgiving. “Giving thanks” for what you have and then less than 24 hours later going out and buying material things is completely contradictory and ruins the spirit of the holidays.

    Daily Emerald
    University of Oregon

    Full article here.

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