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    Movie Review: I’m McLovin’ It

    Every once in a while, a movie comes along that is so stunning, so powerful, so breathtaking that it seems destined for an eternal place in cinematic history.

    I’m talking, of course, about “”Superbad.””

    Except, instead of “”stunning”” I mean “”foul,”” instead of “”powerful”” I mean “”brutally honest”” and instead of “”breathtaking,”” I mean “”hysterical.””

    “”Superbad”” is a day-in-the-life-of story about three friends: sex-crazed semi-douchebag Seth (Jonah Hill), who desires nothing more than the chance to acquire sexual experience before beginning college; sweet and sensitive Evan (Michael Cera), who believes in respecting women; and stereotypical nerd Fogell (often affectionately referred to as “”Fag-ell”” by Seth), who aspires to rise above his geek persona with the help of his fake ID, which bears the name “”McLovin’.””

    Upon learning that Fogell (played to perfection by newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse) has obtained a fake ID, Seth gets the big break

    R, 114min
    4 stars

    he’s always wanted: Fogell can use the ID to get liquor for Seth to bring to the graduation party all the cool kids are having, rendering Seth a god in the eyes of his peers.

    Unfortunately for Seth, virtually nothing works out according to his plan, and what happens instead is positively hilarious.

    “”Superbad”” is essentially a coming-of-age story – one that addresses the apprehension of two best friends as they part for college. But it’s also somewhat of a nerd’s wet dream, complete with both “”Star Wars”” and “”Star Trek”” references, three nerdy heroes and more homoeroticism than “”Lord of the Rings.””

    It’s “”Revenge of the Nerds”” meets “”American Pie,”” with a little bit of “”Super Troopers”” thrown into the mix. Add the quotability of “”Napoleon Dynamite,”” and the result is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

    Humor alone doesn’t carry “”Superbad.”” The funny flick is hilarious in so many different ways. The script is so cleverly written that almost all the humor comes from witty dialogue and smartass remarks from the characters. There is also a decent amount of physical and situational comedy, especially in one scene in which a girl Seth is dancing with menstruates all over his pants.

    On top of that, not one character stands alone as a scene-stealer or “”the funny one.”” Every actor perfectly embodies the character that he or she plays; so well, in fact, that you wonder if they’re even acting at all.

    Furthermore, the absence of big-name Hollywood heartthrob actors adds to the striking realism prevalent throughout the movie. All of these characters look and act like real people, which is why the film is so successful. Audiences can watch “”Superbad”” and reflect back on their own lives, without the little cynical voice in the back of their heads saying, “”Yeah, right. Guys aren’t like that in real life!””

    That being said, “”Superbad”” might be too real for some people. Like moms. Or grandmas. But if you enjoy rude humor, wisecracking jerry-curled hefty guys and the overall quest for male devirginization, “”Superbad”” will not fail you. It’s got plenty of laughs, a lot of heart and a whole lot of McLovin’.

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