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    From sunshine to Scotland: the year’s sharpest flicks

    Now that finals are finally over, you can catch up on the really important things in life – all those movies you never got around to seeing in the theaters. Grab your wallet, snag these films and grab that extra large tub of popcorn coated with butter while you’re at it – don’t worry, we won’t tell.

    1. “”Borat””
    Insert any witty catchphrase from the film here to incite laughter. All year you’ve been hearing botched remnants of this movie around campus, but “”Borat”” is so good that even a drunken frat boy’s impression can’t ruin it. Sacha Baron Cohen’s status as a comedic genius is now set in stone.

    2. “”Little Miss Sunshine””
    “”Little Miss Sunshine”” started out as a small independent film that no one expected to gain much attention. But its quirky yet dark attitude and hilarity won over all audiences. It really is the little engine that could.

    3. “”Notes on a Scandal””
    There’s keeping a stiff upper lip, and then there’s Dame Judi Dench. Let’s just say you don’t want to steal the last crumpet from her at tea time – there’ll be hell to pay.

    4. “”The Last King of Scotland””
    Forrest Whitaker presents an intensity that is almost unrivaled. His role as a Ugandan dictator is complex and frightening. If you weren’t already terrified of dictators, this will seal the deal.

    5. “”The Last Kiss””
    Despite the failure of “”The Last Kiss”” to catch any critical success, Zach Braff’s portrayal of a 30-something caught at a crossroad between doing the responsible thing and having his last few moments of fun is heartbreaking and honest. It’s like “”Garden State”” for the slightly older generation.

    6. “”Letters from Iwo Jima””
    It’s easy just to write off opponents as evil and immoral, but that will never give you the full picture of a person. Clint Eastwood took a brilliant cinematic look at walking in the shoes of our World War II opponents. Has President Bush seen this movie yet?

    7. “”The Departed””
    How do you describe a movie that has mobs, guns and Mark Wahlberg? Two words: pure awesomeness. It tops listening to any Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch album any day of the week. It’s no wonder Martin Scorsese finally won an Oscar for best director with this film.

    8. “”The Science of Sleep””
    Although “”The Science of Sleep”” wasn’t as loved as Michel Gondry’s last movie, “”Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,”” its head trips are just as fantastical and creative. If only dreams actually looked this cool in real life.

    9. “”Blades of Glory””
    Even though the concept takes place on ice, it’s so hot it’ll melt your face off. Will Ferrell as an ice skater wearing spandex leotards? Yes, please!

    10. “”Reign Over Me””
    Don Cheadle is one of the top dramatic actors, and Adam Sandler is one of the kings of comedy. Putting them together to play old college roommates in “”Reign Over Me”” mixes up better than a batch of Toll House cookies.

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