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    Fast Facts

    The average American three-year-old can recognize over 100 brands.

    A person shrinks about 5/8 of an inch between ages 30 and 40.

    The odds of a U.S. commercial flight ending in a fatal crash are 1 in 3.7 million.

    In 2002 a woman on an SAS flight made the mistake of flushing the toilet while she was still seated, creating such suction that the crew could do nothing to free her. It wasn’t until she landed 7 hours later that group technicians were able to extricate her.

    Margaritas are the most popular mixed drink in the U.S.

    Even though prohibition was repealed in 1933, it was not until 1966 that Mississippi finally allowed liquor sales.

    Wisconsin is the state with the highest number of bars per person. It is also the state with the second highest number of UFO sightings.

    Liquor likely to cause the worst hangovers, in descending order: brandy, red wine, rum, whiskey, white wine, gin, vodka.

    40,000 Russians die of alcohol poisoning every year, while only 300 Americans die.

    The average length of an erect penis according to American men is 10 inches. According to American women, it is 4 inches. The actual average is 5.1 inches.

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