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Police Beat: December 10

Party bus

A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to an excessive noise and partying complaint at the Theta Chi Fraternity on Nov. 22 around 12:24 a.m.

When the officer arrived, he didn’t hear any loud noise or partying. The officer spoke with the fraternity’s president who said there wasn’t a party but some of the brothers had been outside loading onto a bus to take them to Las Vegas.

The officer could hear music coming from the fraternity house but it was not excessively loud. The officer notified Greek Life about the complaint.

A breath of fresh air

UAPD officers responded to Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall in regards to a roommate dispute on Tuesday around 10 p.m.

When the officers arrived, the resident assistants were already trying to resolve the issue on the eight floor but asked for the officers’ assistance. Each officer took one of the students to interview them separately about what was going on.

One of the students said she and her roommate had not been getting along since the beginning of the school year and that things escalated when they got into an argument over the temperature of the room about three weeks ago. They had not spoken since then until their current argument.

The student came home from class earlier that day and told the officer her roommate accused her of pouring Febreze on her laptop. The student denied it and went to the basketball game.
When she got home from the game, she and her roommate started arguing again and another student living on that floor called the RA to let her know what was going on. She said her roommate was very angry and threw all of the student’s clothes out of the room into the hall and told her to move out.

The roommate said she never threw her roommates clothes out into the hallway but did admit to throwing her pillows out. She also insisted that the student poured Febreze on her laptop. Both roommates demanded that the other move out.

Officers concluded that the students are unable to work out their issues and they need to be moved to different locations. They were ordered not to have any contact with each other and told they were not allowed to return to the eighth floor of the residence hall. Both students were placed in temporary rooms and are waiting for a reassignment from the pending Residence Life hearing.

The students were referred to the Dean of Students Office for code of conduct.

Change of plans

Two UA students were cited and released for possession of marijuana in Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall on Tuesday at 10:50 p.m.

One of the students was also charged with minor in possession of liquor and the other student was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. A UAPD officer met with an RA and was taken to the room that smelled like marijuana. The RA told the officer the marijuana smell could be traced to a door jam.

As the officer was getting ready to smell the door jam, a student walked out of the room. The officer asked if it was his room and the student said no and pointed to another student inside the room.

Both students were wearing backpacks and said they were going to the library. The resident denied having marijuana in the room and allowed the officer to search his side.

The officer also got permission to search the resident’s backpack, where he found rolling papers and a marijuana grinder which had marijuana in it. The resident said they were planning to go smoke and that the other student also had marijuana on him.

The officer then got permission to search the other student’s backpack. The officer found two unopened bottles of Corona and under those was a Ziploc bag with some marijuana in it.

The student said he got the beer from a friend and that they were planning to drink and smoke before heading to the library to study. Both students were cited and released for possession of marijuana. The resident was also cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and the other student was also cited for minor in possession of alcohol.

A code of conduct was sent to the Dean of Students Office and the items were placed into UAPD evidence.

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