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    Police Beat: August 1

    All the fixin’s for a good time

    A University of Arizona Police officer noticed a silver Hyundai displaying an expired temporary Arizona registration between Speedway Boulevard and Mountain Avenue on July 22 at 3:12 a.m. The officer pulled over the car in the Circle K parking lot on Park Avenue and Speedway Boulevard. The officer approached the vehicle and informed the driver, a male UA student, that he was driving with an expired temporary registration. The student told the officer that he hadn’t renewed his registration because he didn’t have the money. The officer noted in the report that there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car. He asked the driver if there was any marijuana present and the student told the officer no. The officer asked the driver and the passenger to step out of the vehicle to conduct a search. Another UAPD officer arrived on the scene to help conduct a search of the car. As the driver stepped out of the vehicle he informed them that both he and the passenger smoked marijuana earlier that day and the passenger’s pipe was in the car. The officer began a search of the vehicle and found a pipe behind the driver’s seat as well as a Crown Royal-brand bag. The bag contained three pipes, a marijuana grinder and a silver container containing bags of marijuana and three lighters. Officers noted in the report that the passenger said he also used the bags to store cocaine, though there was no cocaine remaining in the bag. Officers also found two scales in the back of the vehicle containing a residue.

    Officers continued to search the vehicle and found three backpacks in the trunk containing five mason jars with a white powder on them. Also in the backpacks were several smoking pipes and other items covered in the white powder residue. One of the officers read the driver his Miranda rights and asked him why there were scales in his vehicle and if he was a drug dealer. The driver responded, “I am not a drug dealer. Some drug dealers are shady so I use them (the scales) to check the weight when I buy.” The officer continued to ask if the drug paraphernalia belonged to the driver. The driver told the officer that they belong to different friends. It was noted in the report that the driver admitted to being a marijuana user since junior high school. Officers arrested the both vehicle occupants. The driver was cited for expired temporary registration over 45 days and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. The passenger was citied for possession of narcotic paraphernalia. Both suspects were released at the scene. The evidence from the scene was placed into UAPD Property and Evidence.

    License from another desert, can’t drive in this one

    UAPD conducted a traffic stop on Campbell Avenue and Sixth Street on July 23 at 2:20 a.m. Officers noticed a blue Honda in front of them driving with an expired temporary registration. Officers pulled the Honda over and approached the vehicle. The officers informed the male driver that his temporary registration had expired. The suspect replied, “This is my friend’s car who is currently in Saudi Arabia.” Officers asked for identification and the suspect gave the officer his Arizona ID card and his Saudi Arabian driver’s license. A records check was performed and officers discovered that the suspect’s driving privileges in Arizona had been suspended. Also, the suspect had a confirmed misdemeanor arrest warrant from the Tucson Police Department. Officers arrested the suspect and cited him for driving with a suspended license. It was noted in the report that before officers placed the suspect in Pima County Jail, he asked UAPD to call his embassy. It was confirmed through dispatch that there did not need to be any notification to the embassy. The suspect was booked in to Pima County Jail and the car was impounded.

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