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    A message to readers from the opinions desk

    The last drops of what was once an eagerly anticipated snowfall are running down Mt. Lemmon. The air’s crispness is giving way to a mild warmth. And the streets around the UA are once again congested.

    The calendar may insist that it’s going to be winter until March 20, but we know that spring is creeping back into our lives. And it’s brought another semester

    with it, with all the usual complications: classes, tuition, books. Glumly dreaded homework and hotly anticipated games. Early-morning lattes and late-night burritos. In some senses, it’s no different than it usually is at the beginning of a semester.

    But there’s more at stake here than usual. The UA is undergoing enormous changes, and so is the country. Here at the Daily Wildcat opinions desk, we’re preparing to undertake the considerable task of explaining all those changes to you and telling you what we think of them.

    In less than a week, a new president will walk into the White House. As everyone knows, he’ll be facing one of the most dire challenges that ever confronted any president, and it’s not at all certain he’ll prevail. We’ll be following his moves with as much interest as our readers, liberal and conservative alike. We’ve no doubt that the new administration will provoke spirited dialogues between our columnists, between us and our readers, even among our readers.

    Things are scarcely less earthshaking at the UA. This semester, we’ll see a new coach step into the vaunted Lute Olson’s shoes. We’ll also see the further unfolding of President Robert Shelton’s controversial Transformation

    Plan, which promises to affect every student and faculty member at the university in some way.

    The Daily Wildcat opinions desk is prepared for the challenges of the new year. We have a few returning voices, and a host of new ones whose contributions will – we believe – add to the diversity and interest of the newspaper. Their job is to provide useful, informative commentary on the news – local, state-wide, national, international. From the trivial to the tremendous.

    We’ll also be providing our usual editorial commentary on issues that matter to the campus community. Expect ongoing commentary on the Transformation Plan, as well as issues that affect you as students, as Tucsonans and as Americans.

    But enough about us; now it’s time to talk about you.

    Your job as a reader is to drop us a line when you disagree with a column or an editorial (or when you agree with it, if you like). Whenever you feel that you have something to say that isn’t present in these pages, we’re giving you the opportunity to say it.

    Our role is to add something to the intellectual life of the UA, to ensure that the Daily Wildcat remains useful and relevant to its readers. It’s our job to make sure you’re interested in what we’re running, and it’s your job to let us know how we’re doing.

    Thanks for reading. We’ll be here all semester.

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