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    Listen up, pledges: Making sorority life a bit easier

    Jordin O’Connor
    Jordin O’Connor / Arizona Daily Wildcat With bid day happening on campus, sororities welcomed newcomers to their houses.

    Fall sorority rush of 2012 reached its conclusion with last Sunday’s Bid Day, said to be one of the most exciting days on the Greek Life calendar. However, many of the new pledges may have trouble acclimating to their new environment, as they are suddenly forced to look beyond the bouncing, clapping, hair swinging and vaseline-on-teeth smiles displayed by every chapter.

    Pledges must now take their minimal first impressions and transform them into lifelong friendships.

    Some new members are instantly comfortable in their new surroundings, but for those who feel like they have been dropped into a parallel universe, take all the advice you can get. The priority of academia can be easily replaced with the urge to jump straight into the active party scene.

    However, time management is a must. Learn how to say no and prioritize. Make sure to work hard, because nothing feels worse than going out with a load of unfinished homework looming in the back of your mind.

    If you are struggling with academics, resort to your chapter’s study files. You are now in a sisterhood of 200 girls — there is bound to be someone around to help. Look out for a tutoring list, and put your name on it. Take advantage of the study parties organized by your scholarship chair, and never be afraid to ask a sister for help.

    And be sure to know your limits, especially when it comes to alcohol. There will always be people pressuring you to drink more, but you are going to regret that last shot or mixed drink when you become that girl throwing up in your 9 a.m. class on Friday.

    When possible, avoid scheduling Friday classes at all, because no matter how driven you are, dragging yourself out of bed after that “much needed Thursday night” is not as easy as it sounds.

    Three-day weekends are golden. With Halloween right around the corner, make sure to save any costume you have ever had, because odds are you or a friend will end up needing it during the drawn-out festivities.

    While you are out, make sure to keep your heels on at all times. Walking around Greek Row holding your heels labels you as intoxicated, and the University of Arizona Police Department and Tucson police keep a special lookout for people that obvious.

    If you’re ever unfortunate enough to be targeted by a police officer, never affiliate yourself with Greek Life or your personal chapter — the only thing worse than that is to go out wearing your letters.

    Although walking around in heels between parties can be painful, it’s definitely not enough exercise to accommodate the new college lifestyle, so make sure to utilize the campus recreation center as often as possible. There are endless exercise options, and a good workout can make a world of difference in your day.

    All of this is important, but if you remember just one thing, make sure to maintain the things you love about yourself. You may be in a sisterhood of 200 girls but you’re loved for your individuality, so embrace your differences.

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