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    Moonman’s death via Aubrey Graham

    Our generation has no larger symbol of contemptuously misleading advertising than MTV itself. If the Food and Drug Administration required entertainment facts for television channels like nutrition labels for food, MTV would be the equivalent of a Taco Bell meal — deceivingly close to the real thing, but far from what the label says.

    The perfect example is how much MTV supports Drake … and Aubrey Graham … and everything he touches.

    They played “Degrassi,” they covered him when he started a music career, they played his videos and they continue to give him airtime as expansive as the ends of the Earth.

    Not only is Drake a terrible actor, but if the man is a decent rapper, then I’m the pope. I hate Drake with every fiber of my collective being but MTV loves him.

    Following the rules of the transitive property, it seems we are at an impasse, and therefore, I must, by hating Drake, hate MTV too.

    Aside from being the softest rapper alive, Graham speaks out of his ass more than Sarah Palin at a press conference.

    Rarely has such a modern day artist shown more disdain toward his demographic as he did in an interview regarding social media — where he said people live vicariously through other people’s moments on Tumblr and that they spend too much time on social media (which I’m sure 4 million Twitter followers just loved to hear).

    “It reminds me of those cliquey girls in high school that used to make fun of everyone else and define what was cool, but in five years, when you all graduate, that shit doesn’t matter. No one gives a fuck about that shit,” Drake said in an interview with Source magazine.

    Because, you know, Drake’s never takes things in pop culture and brands them as cool.

    Plus, the fact that MTV often portrays him in a glossy spotlight is proof enough of the network’s lack of credibility.

    This is also my sentiment toward Lil Wayne (the Dr. Seuss of hip hop), Nicki Minaj (Lil Kim will always do it better, sweetheart) and Fred Durst (I need state nothing here).

    Drake is no good, and neither is MTV.

    — K.C. Libman is a senior studying ecology and evolutionary biology. He can be reached at

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