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Notable faculty poll comments

Here are some of the notable faculty poll comments:

– I believe that Provost Hay should be removed of her duties. I strongly believe that her leadership has led to a transformation process that has wasted time, money, and that has decreased the morale of our faculty. I also strongly believe, as someone who has experienced her work, that she cannot be trusted with her word and that she is a poor leader.

– A clearly stated plan for moving forward. Not just global goals. Stated goals that are attainable and for which units and individual can plan for and execute

– Remove the Dean of Students

Reduce the gap between administrative salaries and faculty salaries.

Replace the Provost

– The citizens of Arizona need to decide that education — at all levels — is more important to the future of the state and its citizens than are below-average taxes. When this happens, the rest of the problems, including UA’s, will be manageable.

– 1. The Provost should resign immediately.

2. Ideally, the President should also resign.

3. ABOR should seriously–and immediately–address the failure of the “”Corporate”” model for running a University and seek leadership from faculty who are committed to alternative and workable models.

– Improve football recruiting—go Wildcats!

– All administrators over the age of 65 should be replaced.

– Fire or reassign Meredith Hay. She has done a horrible job as Provost and has alienated many administrators and faculty with her bullying!

– Fire the president, provost and all 43 vice presidents with all the associate & assistant vice presidents, and all the other over inflated upper-level administrators and there hyper inflated salaries and staffs. Get ABOR to make some meaningful appointments of leaders who know how to run a university and aren’t in it just for how much they can make.

– Everyone is going to say, “”Fire administrators and their staffs,”” but that’s not the answer. Administrators and staff are needed to handle the volume of regulatory requests and paperwork imposed by ABOR and the state legislature. The one most effective change would be for deans to communicate more fully and frequently with heads and departments. Faculty will accept even the worst news better if it’s imparted directly by a sympathetic dean.

– Unfortunately, a winning football team is likely to improve our lot better than one of the faculty winning a Nobel prize. We need to do a better job of showing what we do in a state hat does not value education but likes NCAA sports franchises.

– Replace Tolbert, Shelton, and Hay in that order. The choice of Dean Ruiz was pathetic.

– 1. Eliminate Provost Hay

2. Eliminate Wanda Howell and have the faculty senate become fully responsible for communicating all that is going on to the faculty BEFORE any changes take place. The faculty senate is our voice and as such it must ask us what we want.

3. Take more polls such as this one (thanks!) in order to make clear to the administration what the faculty wants/agrees with/disagrees with BEFORE any changes take place.

– Getting rid of the Provost, first, the President, second, and of Wanda Howell, third.

-More funding (I know, I’m a genius for that suggestion. Also, turn on the fountains – it’s good for morale.

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