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    For the coffee convert, these are the best cafés in town

    For the coffee convert, these are the best cafés in town

    There are two types of people in the world: those that drink coffee and those that think they don’t drink coffee. The latter group is terribly mistaken.

    Coffee is not just a luxury for struggling writers and middle aged men folk, nor is Starbucks the end all be all of caffeinated beverages. The daunting drink combinations, befuddling terminology and encrypted lists of drink possibilities often causes the sore misconception that people “don’t drink coffee.”

    Such responses only elicit a scoff of disapproval from the coffee consumers of the world, as they sigh deeply into their ten percent, post-consumer, recycled-paper cup of coffee.

    Non-believers may never order a grande soy café au lait double espresso with vanilla, but perhaps will resign their caffeine reservations for the comfort of a coffee shop. It’s simply a matter of unearthing the brew for you, and the place to do so.

    As it so happens, Tucson is blessed with plenty of cozy cafés scattered around town that are great for coffee-converts-to-be. Long time drinkers are probably well aware of these spots but might not yet fully appreciate their specific allure. Either way, any coffee drinker worth their beans should frequent local coffee shops.

    Café Passé, 415 N 4th Avenue – For the Romantic
    The cozy nook and cranny layout of this café is surpassingly hip and comfortable with its rustic wooden tables and odd ball fixtures. This is the place to engage in close conversation with dear friends, or dear novels.

    What to Order: something frothy. A café latte, cappuccino, café au lait, or for chocolate fiends, a café mocha. All are elegant and soft drinks to mull over.

    Cartel, 2516 N Campbell Avenue – For the Intellectual
    Industrial tables, rough wood hewn walls and clean architectural lines create an altogether urban vibe. The ambient lighting and quiet, open seating is a studious haven.

    What to Order: their coffee. It is not a joke. Their premium roasts are strong, smooth and incredibly bold. Prepare to get jacked up, and as a fair warning, this not for the faint of heart.

    Coffee X Change , 2443 N Campbell Avenue – For the Insomniac
    Open 24 hours with an extensive menu of various coffee blended drinks, the ways to get caffeinated are as endless as their hours of operation.

    What to Order: offering high quality green fair trade beans, all drink options are good options.

    Café Marcel, 344 N 4th Avenue – For the Thoughtful
    This is not a coffee shop. In fact, it is a creperie. A sweet hole in the wall with a sunny disposition, this space exudes timeless charm and a homey feel.

    What to Order: A bottomless cup of coffee, with a side of crepes . Though it’s not a traditional coffee place, this side stepped joint offers the best cup of joe around. It’s simple, it’s free trade and it offers the simplicity of an easy cup of coffee. Oh, and re-fills are endless.

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