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    Police Beat

    Man just can’t stay away from the UA

    A man was arrested for first degree criminal trespassing on April 14 at 8:26 a.m.

    Police responded to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity in reference to an unwanted man sleeping on the west side of the residence. Upon arrival, police made contact with the house chef who said that while he was walking into the house he noticed the man sleeping. He said that he has seen this same man on the property several times in the last couple of weeks.

    Police then made contact with the man. The officer had to shake the man’s leg to wake him up. The man identified himself to the officer. A check showed that he had been given an exclusionary order to stay off of UA property on April 13.

    The man said that he understood the circumstances of the order, but he was not bothering anyone.

    There were several empty beer cans next to where the man had been sleeping. The man would not say if the cans were his or not.

    The man was placed under arrest for first degree criminal trespassing. When police searched him, they found his original exclusionary order in his left rear pants pocket. He was taken to the Pima County Jail.

    Sake sips lead to suspicious stumbling students

    Two students were referred to the Dean of Students Office for being minors in possession of alcohol on April 17 at 11:34 p.m.

    While finishing up with another call at the Coronado Residence Hall, police were told by two resident assistants that there was a woman stumbling and being carried by a man in the hallway adjacent to the one police were in.

    Police responded to the hallway and saw a woman being assisted by a man and two other people. Police told the woman to sit down so they could check to make sure she was alright. Tucson Fire Department was called to the scene to further assess the woman.

    After talking to the group, police found out that they were coming back to the dorm from a local Japanese restaurant. The woman admitted to drinking alcohol at the restaurant. She told police she had taken vodka shots and sake bombers. The woman had slurred speech, red eyes, a strong odor of intoxicants emanating from her body and she was shaking. She also was unable to stand on her own, she had smeared mascara and her clothes were falling off of her shoulders.

    The man who was carrying her admitted to having the same alcoholic beverages. He also displayed symptoms of intoxication including stumbling and slurred speech.

    The other two people in the group said they did not drink that evening.

    Though TFD responded to the scene, the woman refused medical attention. They requested her roommate watch over her during the evening.

    Both students were diverted to the Dean of Students Office.

    Women with weed wary of police

    Two women were diverted to the Dean of Students office for possession of marijuana on April 17 at 11:38 p.m.

    Police responded to the Coronado Residence Hall in reference to the smell of marijuana coming from one of the rooms. When police arrived, the resident assistant on duty escorted them to the hallway where the smell was coming from. They immediately detected the odor.

    Police knocked on the door and the two residents inside asked, “”Who is it?”” Police responded saying that it was the University of Arizona

    Police Department and one of the women told them to wait a minute because she was naked. The woman then opened the door and her roommate came out of the bathroom.

    The women allowed police to enter their room. Police said that they were there because of the smell of marijuana. Both women said that there was no marijuana in the room.

    Police went into the bathroom to check and make sure that no one else was hiding in there. While in there, they saw a clear plastic baggie on the floor of what appeared to be marijuana. They took each of the women into the bathroom separately to ask them about it.

    One of the women said that it was not hers, but even though she knew who it belonged to, she would not give up her friend.

    The other woman said that she did not recognize the baggie or what was inside of it.

    Police asked for permission to search the room. They both refused. One woman told officers she refused because she had “”personal items”” in her room that she did not want the police to see. The other woman said she did not know of anything else in the room. Police asked once again to search the room, but both women refused to cooperate and denied police access to search the room.

    Police took the marijuana so it could be placed into evidence. As they did this, one of the women told officers that the marijuana was half hers and they could search her half of the room.

    Both women were referred to the Dean of Students Office for possession of marijuana.

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