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    What not to give

    Everyone knows what it’s like to unwrap that one gift. Whether it’s something awkward, abnormal or just not functional, there are a few things we always get but aren’t quite sure what to do with. Of course, we appreciate all the gifts we receive — but if you want your friends and family to truly love what you pick out for them, here are some gifts to avoid handing out this holiday season.

    A Stuffed Animal

    Stuffed animals are fun — for kids. But if you give a teddy bear or plush dog to anyone upward of 10, it just feels silly. Though some of us may have kept our favorite stuffed friends from childhood, we usually don’t have any use for a new one, no matter how cute it is. ­

    — Miranda Butler, arts writer

    Individually-Wrapped Batteries

    Nothing ruins the whole “”good things come in small packages”” adage like six double-A batteries in their own festive wrapping. While such thorough planning ahead does save me that Dec. 26 trip to Target, I’d rather shake a few stray Energizers out of my remote than waste my excitement on such a mundane nod to practicality.

    — Christy Delehanty, arts editor

    A Craft Kit

    I’m not a person to dislike a gift, especially at the holidays. But it’s always pretty frustrating when I get some kind of do-it-yourself craft kit. Probably just because to me it conveys the message of, “”Hey, do this craft for me, so I can know that you had fun.”” Make your own beaded bag? Make your own embroidered potholder? Maybe I’d enjoy crafting some of these things on my own, but when it’s an obligatory craft, it becomes more of a nagging obligation than an indulgence in kitsch.

    — Kellie Mejdrich, arts writer

    A Charm Bracelet

    One particularly poor holiday gift choice people seem to love giving the women in their lives is a charm bracelet. Not only are charm bracelets so seventh grade, but they also come with a hidden, unwanted amount of work and expense for the receiver. When has someone ever received a fully-adorned charm bracelet? Never. People seem to think it is fun to only help you begin your bracelet by gifting you with the bracelet and a “”starter charm.”” Or even better, no bracelet at all; just the starter charm. Thanks for the useless chunk of metal; that really means a lot.

    — Rebecca Rillos, news writer

    A Self-Help Book

    Do you know what gift no one ever wanted for Christmas? A self-help book. Not only is it something that you’re never going to read, but it’s also a subtle insult. Gifts are supposed to be an indulgence that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself, not a practical and constructive slap in the face. They wouldn’t be getting you “”The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens”” if you weren’t a loser, “”Skinny Bitch”” if you weren’t a bit hefty or “”Addiction and Recovery for Dummies”” if you weren’t a cokehead. The only gift worse than a self-help book: a scale.

    — Kenny Contrata, copy chief

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