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    A blast from all 90s kids’ past

    We’re loud, we’re proud and we’re definitely ’90s kids. Here are 10 things that will instantly bring you back to your childhood, because, after all, the ’90s really were the greatest time to be a kid.

    1. School book covers made out of brown grocery bags

    Who could even begin to forget the days when the school year had just started, and rather than being able to go outside, your mother made you cover your school book with a brown paper grocery bag? Kudos to the kids who went above and beyond and decorated them.

    2. Coca Cola Vanilla

    This might have been the best invention ever. During birthday parties, it was inevitable having to scope out the Vanilla Coke stash, because those were always gone before the other soft drinks, and Sprite would just not do. Vanilla Coke had been discontinued in the early 2000s, but the world’s yummiest drink is back for us 90s kids to enjoy.

    3. LimeWire

    You did it, I did it, but at the end of the day, there are no regrets, because who didn’t want to listen to Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” on repeat?

    4. Band-Aid and circus-themed gum

    As if bubble gum competitions weren’t cool on their own, in the ’90s we could pretend to be a ringleader or doctor and officially be the coolest kid at recess — besides that day’s handball winner of course — with our Band-Aid and circus-themed gum. Life couldn’t get any better than that.

    5. Iwako erasers

    Cake, donuts, animals, fruits, vegetables — you name it, and Iwako erasers had it. Trading these bad boys with your friends during history class was probably the most exciting thing about that class — that is, if you actually paid attention to anything being said. We were ’90s kids, and there was too much living to be done.

    6. Disney’s “Recess” intro song

    We all felt the excitement when this song came on, because if “Recess” was on TV, it was bound to be a good night.

    7. Smelly markers

    After begging your mom to take you to Office Depot, it was safe to say that all ’90s kids became the owner of the world’s finest markers. Each color smelled like a different fruit, but most of us avoided “black licorice” like the black plague.

    8. Manual pencil sharpeners

    It was always a sad day when you were the kid whose pencil broke, forcing you to walk to the front of the room to manually sharpen it during spelling tests. It was worth it though, because even though your arm felt like it might fall off, who doesn’t love freshly sharpened pencils?

    9. “Rocket Power”

    These kids had the coolest dads on the block, and their skateboarding tricks weren’t too shabby either.

    10. “The Lion King”

    Every 90s kid remembers the unbearable loss of Mufasa and the hatred we all felt for Scar afterward. Months after, “Circle of Life” became the newest “it” song to sing along to in the car. Kudos to our parents for being good sports when it was played on repeat.

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