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    Hey Barista takes a trip to 4th Avenue’s Café Passé

    Jesus Barrera
    Studio art freshman Kayla Lewandowski and accounting freshman Jordan Solle drink coffee at Cafe Passe on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Cafe Passe offers a perfect spot for studying with friends.

    Just between Fourth Avenue’s Antigone Books and How Sweet It Was lies a small entrance to a big place. Café Passé is home to coffee, food, an outdoor garden, a record store, wall art and poetry nights. Upon entering, the strong aroma of espresso hits hard, while faint jazz music plays in the background and greetings from baristas fly your way. I had the pleasure of talking to Senny Champjuice, who lives up to the coolness of her name.

    How long have you been working at Café Passé?

    I have been working here since May.

    What is your favorite thing about working here?

    The staff as well as the coffee, but we have a really good staff here.

    Do you have a favorite or memorable customer?

    No. We have a lot of regulars and we get a lot of customers that become friends and a lot of friends who become customers, but I don’t have any particular favorites. Just lots of tender relationships.

    What’s your favorite drink to make?

    Hot lattes because I like to work on steaming the milk perfectly and producing fun latte art, which is what customers want with a good latte. I also like making a drink that I made up that I guess they call the “mad dog.” It’s honey, cinnamon, cayenne, soy and condensed milk with a dairy alternative. I just really like the way all the spices complement with the espresso.

    What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened here?

    I mean everyone who works here is pretty kooky. We had the cops come in through the office window a month or so ago looking for somebody running down the roofs. We get a lot of Fourth Avenue wingnuts and travelers who come in, but all in all I feel that it has been pretty sane here.

    Do you control the playlist here?

    No. God no. You know, there are a few decent songs, but generally no, I don’t like the music here. Is that a thing? Is the repetitive music noticed? If I had to control the music I would choose a greater spreading genre of music like classical, sluggie metal, cross country and hip-hop, and folk.

    Although Senny doesn’t particularly enjoy the music she works to, that doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Miles Davis in the background is charming and makes studying that much easier. Café Passé constitutes your ideal coffee shop. Wooden tables add to the warm and tender atmosphere that invites you to spend hours here, or to bring some friends and soak up the rich and vibrant vibes Café Passé has to offer.

    The quaint record store in the back supports both local and big artists, and carries all genres including pop, punk, blues, grunge, and country. The outside part of the café is beautiful; bright green plants, wooden boxes and tables, rakes and metal cans make you think you are wandering in your grandmothers backyard. All in all, Café Passé is a homey place.

    On my way out, Senny asked me if I enjoyed my Meso Mocha (which has cocoa, cinnamon, cayenne and raw sugar) and I said “yes of course, it is the best one I have had here yet.” 

    Senny said, “you know why? It’s because I put a secret ingredient.” 

    “What’s the secret ingredient, Senny?” 


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