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    Police Beat: March 23, 2015


    A non-UA affiliated individual was seen defecating under the trees by the Eddie Lynch Athletics Pavilion on Feb. 26 at 5:44 a.m.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer approached the man and asked him to pull his pants up and lean against the wall. He had red, watery, bloodshot eyes and smelled strongly of intoxicants. The officer noticed a large amount of excrement in the area, and the man admitted to defecating by saying, “I’m going to the bathroom” when the officer found him.

    Seven hours before this, the man was seen sleeping by the southwest corner of the Meinel Optical Sciences building. He was told to leave campus and not to return unless he had a legitimate reason. If he returned without a legitimate reason, he would be arrested for trespassing and issued an exclusionary order. Earlier in the day, he was also asked to leave the Main Library and to not return.

    The man had a long history with the UAPD and also had a record of previous arrests. The man was placed under arrest, transported to Pima County Jail and booked for criminal trespassing to the third degree and criminal littering. The individual was also issued a six-month exclusionary order following this incident.

    Not a drop to drink

    A UA student was seen swerving a 2013 black Hyundai Elantra into a bicycle lane on Campbell Avenue at 1:30 a.m. on Feb. 25.

    The driver continued to drive on the curb lane and the bicycle lane for the next 200 feet. The officer stopped the vehicle on Sixth Street just west of Campbell Avenue in a bus bay. While talking to him, he noticed the driver had bloodshot eyes and a flushed face. The man claimed he had not been drinking. The officers on the scene decided to conduct a sobriety test.

    After administering the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, one officer asked the man how much he really had to drink. He said, “I haven’t had anything to drink.” The officer concluded that he showed all the signs of impairment for the test.

    The individual was then asked to take a preliminary breath test, but he refused and asked whether the tests were legal. As they were speaking, the officer smelled intoxicants coming from his breath. Then, he took the one stand test and passed. He also took the walk and turn test, which displayed five out of eight impairment signs.

    The student was read his Miranda rights and placed under arrest on charges of DUI by being impaired to the slightest degree. He was transported to the UAPD Main Station, and his car was impounded. 

    An officer searched through the student’s car and found a fictitious identification card with the man’s likeness, name and false date of birth making his age over 21. There were also receipts for alcohol purchases made with his credit card in the vehicle. He was additionally charged for possession of a fictitious driver’s license and a civic traffic citation for driving in a bike lane.

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