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Column: A vote for Trump is a vote for violence

Forget the financial chaos that may arise or the potential conflict with other countries that could inevitably lead to war; after Donald Trump’s rally in Tucson this month ended in violence, the fact is that if the free world elects Trump as its next leader, as a nation, we’ll tear each other apart.

There’s too much violence in the world as it is, and as a citizen of the free world, regardless of whether you agree with anything that Trump says — please don’t vote for him. It’s maddening that those words still need to be said, and I’m shocked that Trump has made it this far, but his pockets are so deep that really it’s not that hard to believe.

Sure, he spouts off nonsense and has become one of the most easily impersonated people on the planet. However, when his rallies are plagued by violence, everyone needs to take a closer look at this situation.

Political rallies are high-energy events. Everyone there agrees with the speaker and supports him or her through and through. Even with that amount of energy in the room, however, a rally-goer should never physically assault somebody just for holding an opposing view.

“I do not approve of any of the violence or the promotion of an atmosphere which lends itself to violent behavior,” said Evan Hastings, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona executive vice president. “Any citizen should have a right to go to a political rally of their choosing in order to educate themselves about possible candidates.” Regardless of anyone’s views, we shouldn’t be fighting ourselves in this type of atmosphere.

While Trump was in Arizona, protestors took to the highways to block his events. This is just another example of the massive chasm Trump is creating between Americans.

It’s looking more likely like Trump’s name will be on the ballot come November. As more and more nonsense comes out of Trump’s mouth in the months to come, the hate he spreads around this country will also continue to grow.

The rallies will continue. The hate will continue. The violence will continue. I fear it will only get worse.

As the inevitable nomination of Trump on the GOP side becomes a reality, Americans will only become more upset and divided and, in turn, become more violent. I can’t stress this enough — please don’t vote for Trump. The pattern of violence against one another will only get worse. 

When we start turning on ourselves, we have a serious problem.

I may not be a politics buff, but I care a great deal about people being civil and humane toward one another. Trump is stirring a pot that is sure to spill over, and I’m afraid the violence surrounding his campaign could end in more than a few fists flying.

Just don’t vote for Trump. His political rallies — indicators of who supports him and what they want America to be — are becoming more and more violent. Pretty soon, that same behavior could spill into everyday life in this wonderful country and violence over politics will become the norm. If that scares you as much as it scares me, please — don’t vote for Trump.

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