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    Community Chatter: Do UA students embrace or disgrace the man bun trend?

    In the past year or so, a quickly spreading fashion fad has seemed to grow out of the scalps of men everywhere. It only takes one brief look around campus during its busiest times to realize that there is no escaping it; the era of the man bun is upon the University of Arizona. UA students weighed in their two cents regarding the trend- specifically whether they enjoy or dislike the infectious hairstyle.

    “Yeah, I like them. I think they’re nice! I have friends that wear their hair in buns. I don’t know, it’s a nice way to keep your hair up if you have long hair as a guy.”

    — Stephanie Gerson, freshman undecided

    “I think they’re kind of funny, I guess. It’s weird seeing a dude with long hair sometimes. I probably wouldn’t do it.”

    — Cody Welsh, freshman natural resources: wildlife conservation and management

    “I like them. I don’t know exactly where they originated. I just saw some people, [and] I was like ‘oh, that’s interesting’. It’s become more interesting, I think. Other girls that I talk to are like ‘oh he has a man bun,’ like it boasts their sexuality, I guess.”

    —Haillie Tagoe, junior physiology

    “I actually like them! I’ve been trying to grow my hair for a while so I can get it. Some guys can pull it off. Some people consider it a bad trend, because girls have buns. Pretty much it objectifies men as female. I think it’s a pretty good trend, and it will continue on.”

    —Martin Samoza, freshman undecided

    “I think they’re trendy. I don’t mind them. One of my friends, for example, says, ‘don’t trust anyone with a man bun,’ but I personally think they can be cute. It just depends on how you do it and as long as your hair is clean. I’m not against them though. It’s better than Birkenstocks as a trend right now.”

    —Stephen Barrera, freshman political science

    It seems that man buns are here to stay, at least for the time being. In my opinion, this fad is only fits select people. There is only a handful of guys that wear it with dignity. The common mistake that many guys make is they get too eager and attempt to “bun up” when their hair is obviously not the correct length. Even then, this trend, like most fashion trends, is bound to be swept away and forgotten when a new, more edgy and progressive style emerges. I give it a year or two before it fades away into background of campus’ style scene.

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