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    “On the Spot: Allison Schmidt, pre-business sophomore”

    Now that the parents are gone, how are you feeling?

    I am feeling a bit anguished. Parents’ weekend is an event I look forward to. I mean who doesn’t love their parents?

    I’m sure there are some out there that don’t but anyways … did you feel that the parents literally took over U of A?

    I did. They were everywhere, at the bars, at the clubs, at the frats, even in classes.

    Did your parents attend any of your classes?

    No, but I did take them to Chick-fil-A because I am there almost every day.

    Eight-piece nuggets with waffle fries?

    I am all about the nuggets with the honey-barbeque sauce.

    So how do you feel about partying with parents, because I noticed it is a pretty popular activity to partake in nowadays?

    At first I thought it was a little weird, but I mean my dad was mingling with all my friends and I think it brought them back to their college years. They were a little nostalgic seeing everyone go crazy.

    Do you feel like these are the glory days of your life?

    College is a time like no other. I mean, basically we are adults, like we have all the freedom and none of the responsibility, I mean, aside from a couple midterms and six-page papers here and there. In the wise words of Sam Adams, “”I hate college but love all the parties.””

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    God, I don’t know. Rich with a couple hundred pets I guess.

    What kind of pets?

    Tons of dogs, obviously a couple cats and just a ton of animals. I love animals.

    Would you rather live in a $10 million house or have 10 million animals?

    Ten million animals? I mean I love animals but that is kind of a lot. If I could have ten precious dogs of my choice I would have that over a $10 million house because I can easily find someone to build me a $10 million house.

    Really, how?

    There are a lot of wealthy men out there with nothing to do with their money. I don’t want to sound like a gold digger, but I’m just saying living in a $10 million house is a dream that anyone can make a reality if they really want to. Where there is a will there is way.


    — Caroline Nachazel


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