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    Mailbag: Aug. 22

    The circus isn’t fun for all

    In response to “Exotic Escape Fires Up Tucson Convention Center” (July 6):

    I would like to shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes at circuses. Animals used in traveling acts such as circuses are treated like equipment, hauled across the country in poorly ventilated trailers and boxcars for as many as 50 weeks per year in all weather extremes. Laws protecting animals in traveling shows are inadequate and poorly enforced. Because animals do not naturally ride bicycles, balance on balls, or jump through rings of fire, trainers use whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, billhooks and other painful tools to force them to perform. In order to get animals such as elephants to stand on their heads, handlers must essentially instill enough terror in them so that they’re afraid not to.

    Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey in particular has an exceptionally egregious history of animal abuse and neglect. People are shocked to learn that Ringling has been cited for causing unnecessary trauma, behavioral stress, physical harm, discomfort and for failure to provide animals with veterinary care, exercise and sufficient space.

    Children and adults alike are extremely saddened and disturbed to learn that circuses aren’t any fun for the animals involved. Please boycott this extreme and unnecessary cruelty and opt for cruelty-free shows such as Cirque du Soleil, in which the performers are humans who actually choose to participate.

    _— Amelia Jensen

    College Campaigns Assistant, peta2.com_

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