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Police Beat 11/7/2019: Invasion of the Banner Snatchers

Courtesy UAPD

University of Arizona Police Department officers on the UA campus. 

Sorority secrets swiped

It was invasion of the banner snatchers at the Sigma Kappa Sorority house, with a book of sorority rituals almost being lost in the process.

A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived at the Sigma Kappa sorority house on the morning of Oct. 24 and spoke with the sorority president. She told the officer about a theft that had occurred the night before. 

Last night, the house received some unexpected — and unwelcome — visitors in the form of a swarm of fraternity brothers from Arizona State University scaling the sorority’s north wall. The men jumped the fence and made their way through an unlocked patio door.

They took two banners advertising philanthropy events hanging on the house walls. They also entered the house and stole the sorority’s ritual book that had been placed on a table in the middle of the entrance area of the house, as well as one more banner for good measure.

The whole affair had been captured on security camera footage.

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The men eventually came back and returned the book and a banner to the inside of the house. The sorority members later found the other two banners on the front porch that morning. There was also a piece of notebook paper with a heart drawn on it near the banners.

According to the sorority president, the returned banners were worth approximately $15 total and the book was valued at $100.

She told the officer that the Sigma Kappa sisters had learned that the men were pledges of the Chi Phi fraternity at ASU via Snapchat. One of the sisters saw videos that another member of the fraternity had posted but since taken down. When the sorority president reached out to the fraternity president on social media, she didn’t receive a response.

The sorority president also reported that other sorority houses had their banners vandalized, though none had sent her security footage to confirm it. She said the sorority did not want to press charges; however, their national organization requested that the incident be documented.

When asked, the sorority resident confirmed that none of the house residents reported anything stolen. The officer advised her to ensure the patio doors were locked, to which she replied that they will stay locked until a fingerprint reader can be installed.

Tresspache Santa Cruz

There are plenty of things to be worried about going bump in the night, including the “creepy” resident down the hall who, apparently, takes videos of women sleeping.

A UAPD officer arrived at Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall on the night of Oct. 22 and spoke with a student about several worrying incidents with a fellow resident. The student first told the officer the other resident had entered the student’s unlocked dorm room on Oct. 20 at around midnight, filmed her sleeping and posted it on Snapchat.

She had not woken up during this and did not know about the video until later that morning when her friend showed it to her. The student reported the incident to Housing and Residential Life the next day. However, the community director said the student and her roommate could move rooms, according to the student.

The student also said that on she confronted the resident who had filmed her on Oct. 22. He told her he thought it was funny. 

She originally had not planned to report the incident, but after she spoke with her parents and friends, she decided to contact the police. She told the officer that she felt “unsafe” living in the same hall as the resident who filmed her, especially since she had previously told him not to come into her room. According to the student, he had entered her room uninvited at least 10 times since the beginning of the school year.

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The officer went to the room of the resident who had done the filming and spoke with him. He told the officer that he had entered her room and posted the video on Snapchat because he thought the student’s snoring was “funny.”

The officer advised him that entering any room without permission amounts to trespassing. He also told the resident that he would report the incident to the Dean of Students Office. The resident said he would stay away from the student.

The officer later received a call from a student who said that her roommate saw the resident and told her that he would make her life a “living hell.” Both the student and the roommate, who the officer confirmed the story with, found it “creepy.”

The officer told the student to contact UAPD if the resident continues to cause issues and that she could pursue charges of trespassing if she decided.

Call me never, maybe?

Some people might dream of a man with an English accent calling them out of the blue and asking to meet them. But in those dreams, hopefully, the man does not use language that would make the Queen of England blush.

An employee at the UA Law Library relayed an incident regarding a mysterious caller to a UAPD officer over the phone on the morning of Oct. 22. 

She told the officer that on Oct. 18 she had taken a sick day and had all her calls forwarded to her personal cell phone. At around 2 p.m. that day, she received a call from a blocked number.

When she answered, the man on the other end spoke with a British accent and was not a voice she recognized. He asked to speak with a coworker of hers about a possible job opportunity at the UA. The employee gave him the department’s phone number and ended the call.

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About 10 minutes later, the man called back, again from a blocked number. He thanked the employee for her help. That’s when things took a turn for the sleazy.

According to the employee, the man started talking about how much he would like to take her out to lunch with his wife. He then made a sexually perverse comment about what else he would like to do when he meets her. The employee expressed her shock, but the man continued on with his explicit comment. She hung up.

The employee went into work on Monday, Oct. 21, and told her coworker and supervisor about what had happened. No one else in the office remembered speaking to the man or had anything similar happen. The employee told the officer that if it came to it, she would like to press charges.

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