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Volleyball Q&A;

Paige Weber, Tiffany Owens, Danielle Holloway and Whitney Dosty are the four making up this year’s senior class for the Arizona volleyball team. After four years and 110 games, there is only one weekend slate of games at McKale Center left for the seniors — this weekend against Washington and Washington State.

The Daily Wildcat caught up with Weber, Owens, Holloway and Dosty to talk about moments, memories and what the future holds for these four Wildcats.

Daily Wildcat: What are your best memories, both on and off the court, over the last four years?

Tiffany Owens: My best memory is when I got 22 kills and 0 errors. I think it was against New Mexico. That was a highlight of my career.

Paige Weber: Just being with the team, even though it’s changed over the years. It’s always a good group of people that you’re around. Just being a part of the family on and off the court.

Danielle Holloway: The locker room is so fun. I love all of the girls on this team, and some of them are just the funniest people I have ever met. The camaraderie with all of the girls. Summer’s always a fun time because we’re working out here focusing on volleyball, but we also have a lot of free time to hang out.

Whitney Dosty: I’m the worst at pinpointing memories. Off the court, I would just say hanging out with the team and enjoying the college experience and doing fun things that weren’t volleyball related. On the court, whenever we performed well and it felt good as a team. Those are the best memories.

DW: If you had to pick one moment over these four years that stands out, what would it be?

TO: The only thing that stands out is when we went to Prescott as a team. We really bonded well, and that meant a lot to me.

PW: Finding out that we were in the tournament last year.

DH: Completing the 2.4 drill after a week in Prescott. I don’t remember the exact drill, but it’s a certain amount of perfect passes out of 30 balls and we couldn’t go home until we finished it. This was literally pulling up to school and getting off the bus from Prescott after being there for a week and just jumping right into it. Everyone was so tired. We were here for four hours.

WD: This stands out to me because I was injured, but coming back and being able to deal with the injuries that I’ve dealt with, just coming back was a great memory for me.

DW: How do you want to be remembered by everyone that’s been around you?

TO: I want them to remember me by how I am the heart and soul of this team.

PW: I just want to be remembered as a hard worker, someone that always cared about the program and teammates and coaching staff. Someone that always wanted to do what was best for the program and being my best at all times.

DH: I’d like to be remembered as a good leader and somebody that inspired everyone to work hard every day and to do the best that you can. I think it’s important for everybody to believe in themselves and believe that you can honestly do anything you set your mind to.

WD: If they remember me as a good volleyball player, that’s cool, but I would want to be more remembered as a good person and just someone that’s reliable and honest.

DW: What’s up next for you after college?

TO: Hopefully I’ll be playing overseas.

PW: Playing overseas, that’s the number one job of choice right now. I’m just finishing school and letting that happen.

DH: I graduate in May with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies, so business psychology and journalism. I want to get my real estate license in California, but I have hopes of moving to New York after graduation with Dicey McGraw from UCLA — we’ve played together since seventh grade.

WD: I would love to keep playing and see how it goes possibly overseas and see what I can do over there. One day I’d like to be in the Olympics, but we’ll take it one day at a time.

DW: Is there anything you want to say to the fans that have followed you for four years?

TO: Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it. Please keep coming to watch this group here — they’ll be something to watch.

PW: Thank you to everyone in Tucson for the support. It’s been great at times, it’s been hard at times, it’s just been sports. Thanks for the support and coming to games and recognizing us outside of the games and asking how we are outside of being volleyball players.

DH: I appreciate all the support and the cheers. It’s just been a really fun experience — Arizona athletics are an incredible thing to be a part of.

WD: I would want to thank them for supporting me for the five years that I’ve been going here. I hope they’ve enjoyed coming.

DW: What’s the biggest change in you personally from being a freshman to now being a senior?

TO: I went from not being as confident when I came in to being really confident now.

PW: Probably just my level of emotion on the court. I was a firecracker when I came in, and I’ve definitely leveled out — just the handling of my own emotions and myself and playing within those emotions.

DH: My perspective on life, and just on a daily basis I’ve grown up so much.

WD: Just developing into a better volleyball player. I came in, and I was pretty raw. I didn’t have a whole lot of skill. I think from then until now, I’ve developed a lot more since then.

DW: How would you describe your career at Arizona in one word?

PW: “”Short,”” “”fun,”” “”awesome.”” One word isn’t enough.

DH: “”Tough”” or “”life changing.””

WD: I can’t think of one word. I feel like, at times, it would be “”patient,”” just nursing injuries, or “”perseverance.”” because it takes a lot to come back from injuries — especially one that you had to sit out a whole year from.

DW: How are you going to remember the other seniors on the team?

TO: I’ve been with them all four years, and I’m just going to remember how it was in practice and how much fun we had on and off the court.

PW: Probably the same way I wanted to be — just good people who were always here for each other and making sure we have each other’s backs throughout the time we were here. We enjoyed our time together even though it’s almost over.

DH: Awesome athletes.


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