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Mailbag: Nov. 20

LGBTQ community goes about free speech in inappropriate manner

While I agree with everyone’s right to free speech and to promote and express their own opinions, I also believe that the image of TC Tolbert performing fellatio on a phallic object while his “”partner”” admires him in apparent ecstasy, is offensive and in extremely poor taste (pardon the pun).

LGBTQ is doing a disservice to its members by exploiting impressionable young adults with such behavior. In their pathetic attempt to raise awareness to their cause, they have done nothing but ensure the general public will continue to ridicule them after this bizarre stunt, noted by the caption above the picture in the Wildcat. I also believe that a similar depiction, with “”straight”” individuals performing an act such as this would be viewed as porn and never be allowed a place in the Wildcat.

LGBTQ: Quit trying to ram your issues down everyone’s throat. (pardon this pun, also) I never witness heterosexuals professing their sexual preferences in public forums, and I wish you would be considerate enough to do the same.

I bet Mr. Tolbert’s parents will be extremely proud to see this disgusting display of sexual expression and finally know exactly where their hard earned “”education”” dollars are being spent.

Stephen Mikitish

Planned Maintenance Supervisor

All Wildcats have a duty to support College GameDay tomorrow

It’s been a while since I’ve written to the Wildcat, but I feel like we are all standing on the eve of the most important game about to be played in Arizona Stadium in over a decade, so I feel compelled to write and address my UA family.

This weekend our team has earned the right to play Oregon in what will be the first of the dominoes required to fall in order for our team to play for the conference title. So much hinges on this game that it has attracted national media attention and has landed the ESPN College Game Day football desk on our own mall for the first time. It’s a moment that could propel us far beyond our wildest expectations even a year ago and it’s easy to get caught up in looking forward to Pasadena as our final destination.

It’s for this reason that I wanted to write and put the focus where it needs to be, and that is the team. We as alum, students, faculty, Tucsonans and Wildcat fans nationwide who have chosen to be on campus for this game should do so with the sole purpose of supporting our team because of the great things they have already accomplished. Last year we broke through the 10-year hiatus from post-season play and won a berth at the Vegas bowl. I remember the purity of the excitement we all felt when our team played hard and put our school back on the map for bowl eligibility. We all were grateful of what we had earned and we lived that weekend in December like it was a family reunion long overdue.

Last weekend many of us expressed their initial disappointment when the Wildcats lost, because they thought it put their Rose Bowl hopes in Jeopardy. Then the news came that USC lost, and after the smoke cleared in Berkeley, we realized that we still controlled our own destiny and those hopes rested on this weekend. However, it is my belief that we should not get caught up in the long-term goal so much that we sacrifice what we need to do in the short term, and that is support that team on Saturday.

We have all the makings of a conference title, but we should recognize this team for what it has done this season enduring injuries, rosters shuffles and finding a new quarterback who can lead this team. For this we need to stand steadfast with our loyalty and support this team from the moment they step out on the field through the final moments of this game. No matter if we are winning or losing by 40 points at the half, I want this student body to do its part and stay the entire game and show the support for the team, no quitting.

When those players walk back to the locker room when the last second has expired, I want them to be able to look up in the stands and see a crowd whose pride has been restored by the hard work of these players. We have the ability to give the team the edge by showing our support, in every part of the game, and we need to be there for that reason. When it’s all over, the ESPN desk will be loaded up on the bus, the cameras will be turned off, but we will be the recipients of the outcome our team earns us. If it means we continue on the road to the conference title, so be it. If it means we our destiny lies elsewhere, so be it. We will support our team with undying loyalty. This weekend will show the measure of our players, their quality, but it will also show the greatness of our fans on national television.

Let’s give the whole country something to admire by creating a red-out that spans the entire stadium for the entire duration of the game and show them all what Wildcats are made of.

Bear Down and see you on Saturday.

Kirk Sibley

Class of 1999 and Wilbur the Wildcat, 1996-1999

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