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Laws like H.B. 2281 endanger the autonomy of educators and the sanctity of the classroom. For this reason, the Faculty Senate’s opposition, though it might not make much of a difference right now, is vital. Educators must stand up for themselves and for their right to teach without censors looking over their shoulders. Whether or not the law will affect them directly, the Faculty Senate, in condemning H.B. 2281, is standing up for education.

— “”Faculty Senate right to decry ethnic studies bill”” (Sept. 15, 2010)

Allowing fear of the Legislature to block the Arizona Board of Regents’ ability to carry out its duty to Arizona’s universities is unfair. The Legislature has proven itself to be an anti-intellectual, vindictive body, but that doesn’t give the board of regents an excuse to give up. The regents must pressure the Legislature even when it seems futile, putting all politicking aside to carry out their duty: giving Arizona students what they need.

— “”Regents must stand up to Legislature”” (Sept. 27, 2010)

All is not lost, of course. One disappointing election cannot irrevocably change the face of Arizona. We can still remain hopeful that someday it will manage to be a state that engages in bi-partisan, independent problem solving. …

But for now, it’s all over but the shouting. Oh, and there will be shouting aplenty. It seems, in fact, that shouting is all we really have left.

— “”After midterm elections, a bleak outlook”” (Nov. 3, 2010)

Allow human feelings, the acknowledgement of the brevity, fragility and beauty of human life, to supersede all ideologies.

Saturday was a dark day in Tucson, in Arizona and in our nation. It’s hard to know how to go on, having suffered this reminder of how dark, how awful, things can get. The most important thing we can do is move forward from this moment by recognizing our duty to be kind, to be humble, to work together and to work toward something larger than ourselves and our differences.

— “”Tucson tragedy reminds us: Be kind”” (Jan. 9)

A small fraction of attendees forgot themselves and their surroundings that evening. This is worth reprimanding. But the thoughtlessness of a few overeager students is hardly a fair representation of 13,000 people. It is unfair to both, the crowd in attendance that night or the victims of Saturday’s attack, to suggest they were grieving wrong. There will never be a better way to honor a life than to celebrate it.

— “”Hope, healing worth celebrating”” (Jan. 14)

Keeping secrets won’t put rumors to rest, and it certainly won’t help positively change anyone’s perception of ASUA.

Do you hear that awkward silence? That’s your student government, working “”for you.””

— “”ASUA pursues transparency, accountability, irony”” (March 11)

When will you learn that fire does not quench fire? What’s next? Guns in dorm rooms? Bad things happen in dorms, so residents should be able to defend themselves, right?

If it isn’t enough to argue that college students shouldn’t be afraid of guns, let’s keep in mind that college students are still really just kids learning how to be grown-ups away from Mom and Dad. Everyone does something dumb in college, and it’s probably fueled by alcohol. A lack of parental supervision, combined with a newfound ability to drink until they throw up two days’ worth of dinner doesn’t need the added element of a firearm.

— “”Campus gun law aims for safety, misses target”” (April 12)


— Editorials are determined by the Daily Wildcat editorial board and written by one of its members. They are Kristina Bui, Ken Contrata, Michelle A. Monroe and Heather Price-Wright. They can be reached at

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