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    Pulse of the Pac

    “Turn the lights on our high school sex education”
    by Dominique Wald

    The quality of sex education students are receiving is inexcusable. According to the National Conference of State Legislature, only 19 states require their curriculum to be medically, factually or technically accurate.

    It’s a scary thought to wonder what the other 31 states are actually teaching students.
    There should be a national standard to which sex education is taught. Every state should be required to teach the most current and medically accurate material available.

    The education system cannot leave it in the hands of parents to discuss these matters with their children. Not every child gets “the talk,” and no one should be under the assumption that every person is well informed on the topic of sex.

    The Daily Evergreen
    Washington State University

    Full article here.

    “UC should make exceptions to admissions rules for veterans”
    by Katie Shepherd

    There are a lot of things I never got used to growing up in a military family.

    One of the only aspects of military life that I did learn to expect was its uncertainty: uncertainty in where I would be living in a year, uncertainty in when my father would be returning from overseas, uncertainty in whether I would graduate from the same high school where I started as a freshman.
    It is exactly because of the instability that surrounds these individuals’ lives that UCLA must better accommodate veterans seeking entry to a UC campus.

    The UCLA Office of Undergraduate Admissions, although bound to the UC admissions policy, can make exceptions to these rules and should do so to accommodate difficulties specific to student veterans, such as last-minute changes in military orders.

    The Daily Bruin
    University of California, Los Angeles

    Full article here.

    “Recognizing the objectification of women”
    by Ryan Mills

    Despite the best efforts of feminists, objectification of women continues to persist throughout our community. I am a straight, 21-year-old college male with a raging sex drive and yet it is blatantly obvious to me that University of Oregon has a problem with sexism. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a drunk male student forcibly and desperately grabbing a female at a house party — not to mention every time I hear about a date rape that occurs — I would have enough money to buy said females’ tasers to electrocute said males until they couldn’t stand, let alone remain erect.

    It is endlessly disappointing that in our modern era, some men still believe that they can screw women just for the sake of screwing without respecting and acknowledging the true value of a female.

    The Daily Emerald
    University of Oregon

    Full article here.

    “Recognizing prejudice key to preventing violent acts”
    by Rose Jones

    Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park is a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon. People of all ages and walks of life are drawn together. There are plenty of smiles for kids, people with dogs, family picnics and loving couples strolling together hand in hand.

    But if the couples are same-sex, the casual observer’s reaction — both psychologically and physiologically — contrasts highly to viewing an opposite-sex couple making the same public display of affection.

    Gravely, and more often than not, the psycho-physiological response to an innocent, loving, same-sex couple holding hands in public is prejudiced and even violent.

    Civil rights for LGBT people have come a long way — however, there are still societal fractures regarding this issue that need to be addressed.

    The Daily Utah Chronicle
    University of Utah

    Full article here.

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