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Police Beat: November 7

The mooning man

University of Arizona Police Department officers stopped a non-UA affiliated man who was mooning passing cars on Saturday at 5:49 p.m.

Earlier that evening, a UAPD police aide met a group of four men walking by the Education building.

They were waving their hands and yelling at another UAPD aide driving by, “Hey, UAPD!”

The UAPD aide did not seem to hear the men and continued to drive. In response to the aide driving away, one man yelled, “Fuck UAPD.”

The aide standing by and watching the scene walked up to the group of men and asked if they needed help. The man who had yelled out turned his back to the aide, pulled down his shorts and underwear, slapped his butt and yelled, “Take my ass!”

He pulled up his shorts and stumbled forward. At that time, the aide approached and asked, “Excuse me, sir?”

The man proceeded to turn around yet again, pull down his shorts down to his ankles and expose all of his butt to the officer, yelling, “Take it up the ass, fucking count!”

The man then pulled up his shorts and yelled again, “Fuck UAPD,” making the three men with him laugh before walking away.

The aide did not follow the men but kept them in sight while he called UAPD. As the aide was on the phone with UAPD, he saw the man continuing to moon vehicles passing by.

When UAPD officers approached the man, they saw him mooning more vehicles, causing cars to swerve into other lanes at the sight.

An officer activated his emergency lights and pulled over to speak to the man. The man pulled up his shorts and identified himself as a former UA student who had transferred to Arizona State University.

The man was heavily drunk and stumbling around. He asked officers to call his mother to get him because his cell phone was dead.

The officer told him that he would not be arrested for his actions, but he would be given a UA police violation. His mother arrived on scene and, after speaking with the officers, went to find her son and his friends.

No further legal action was taken against the mooning man.

Casting stones

On Saturday at approximately 2:55 a.m., UAPD officers diverted seven students to the Dean of Students Office for underage drinking.

UAPD officers received a call from a cab driver who was passing by the Delta Chi fraternity house and saw eight students throwing rocks at the house.

When officers arrived at the house, they found the students still outside.

The students were identified by their CatCards, and when questioned by UAPD officers, they each gave a different story as to where they were coming from and what they were doing.

Seven of the eight students had red, bloodshot eyes and flushed faces and smelled heavily of alcohol. They admitted to drinking earlier that night at an off-campus party.

Only one student denied drinking that evening. When given a preliminary breath test, he was found to be telling the truth.

The seven drunken students were diverted to the Dean of Students Office and released at the scene.

Where there’s smoke

UAPD responded to three separate UA dumpster fires between 2:09 a.m. and 2:37 a.m. on Saturday.

UAPD officers responded to a call of a fire in an alley outside of the Delta Chi fraternity house.

Officers arrived with the Tucson Fire Department and acted as security while the fire was put out.

Shortly after, UAPD received a call of another dumpster fire outside of Babcock Residence Hall.

While assisting with that fire, a Babcock Residence Hall resident assistant reported seeing smoke from another fire in a dumpster located behind the BIO5 Institute on campus.

TFD was able to put out both fires quickly.

Each dumpster was investigated, but no evidence of value was found.

Video surveillance of BIO5 is currently under review.

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