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    Busting buttons? Learn to fix them yourself

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    Thanksgiving normally comes with stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie and a couple added pounds. Christmas is no better, with its sugary confections and fruitcake. This added weight could make it difficult to re-button those lovely dress pants you wear, so much so that the button pops off and takes you from full to full-blown insecurity.

    If that is the case, and you forgot to ask your mom to help you sew it back together, have no fear. Become your own do-it-yourself seamstress, and learn something new in the process.

    Sewing on a button is really quite easy. You will need a sewing needle, 24 inches of thread to “double over” on the needle (you need at least 12 inches to work with), and the button that popped off.

    Step 1: Tie off the bottom of the thread.

    Step 2: Create the anchor point. From the reverse end of the fabric, go through with the needle and then back around to the reverse side. Then repeat to create an “X” on the front side of the fabric. This is your anchor point.

    Step 3: Then, place the button on top of your anchor point. Begin to sew two holes and then place a spacer between the thread and button (a toothpick or another needle). Push the needle up from the reverse side, through the other side of the button holes, over your spacer and through the next hole. Your needle should be on the reverse side of the fabric at this point. Repeat this step six times, at least three times for each pair of holes.

    Step 4: Use the needle to wrap around the threads underneath the button. This will create room underneath to be able to button thicker fabric. Pull tight and then thread the needle through the base of the anchor to the reverse side of the fabric.

    Step 5: Tie it off. The easiest way would be an overhand loop with the needle still attached. Thread the needle through the loop you have created, pull tight and cut the excess thread.

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