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Tucson offers sex health variety

More than 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 24 became pregnant in 2005, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of that number, 521 chose to abort, 1,321 gave birth and 293 experienced fetal losses.

Most college students fall within that age range, so it’s a potential issue UA students face.

In Tucson, there are five pregnancy centers available to students dealing with pregnancy or other sexual health issues.

Campus Health Service offers many of the same services for students most pregnancy centers provide. Health insurance is not needed to use Campus Health, and students only need to be registered for one credit hour to take advantage of the services.

The Women’s Health Clinic at Campus Health Service offers testing a STDs and pregnancy, birth control pills and Plan B.

Students can also take advantage of Campus Health Service’s Counseling and Psychological Services. 

“”Students can be directed to the Women’s Health Clinic at Campus Health, Planned Parenthood, a county health clinic, a private physician or a women’s clinic for testing and guidance,”” said Terri West, an administrative associate at Campus Health Service. ””Early diagnosis is valuable and encouraged. If the student is pregnant and decides to keep the baby, she should begin prenatal care immediately.””

West also said it was important for students to know about the “”Safe Baby”” program which admits unwanted babies.

The “”Safe Baby”” program will take babies up to 72 hours old, and no personal information is requested.

“”It’s really important because, often, girls have no idea what do,”” West said.

“”Safe Baby”” assistance is available by calling 872-7233 or by visiting

Planned Parenthood and the Tucson Women’s Center are the only available pregnancy centers without religious affiliation. Both centers are located off main roads, offering more anonymity than other more noticeable centers. The Tucson Women’s Center, 5240 E. Knight Drive Suite 112, is Tucson’s only privately owned family planning facility, providing free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

It also offers the consent form and reading required for an abortion, online. The form must be submitted at least 24 hours before the procedure. Because the form is available online, only one visit to the office is necessary.

The center provides other forms online, as well as the emergency contraceptive pill, Plan B, which costs $40 plus shipping.

The first Plan B tablet should be taken within 72 hours of intercourse. This means if you want Plan B within those 72 hours, you may want to spring for the FedEx shipping ($30), which takes two days, or contact the center about next-day shipping.

The Tucson Women’s Center offers both surgical and medical abortions.

The center charges $460 for a medical abortion, including a $20 rebate through the form of a check at the end of your last visit. The $460 includes medical care, medications and birth control pills.

For surgical abortions, the price depends on the length of time since conception but ranges from $515 to $1,200.

The Tucson Women’s Center also provides information on contraceptives and can prescribe the birth control pill.

The Tucson Women’s Center will also refer women seeking adoption.

As the other pregnancy center not affiliated with any religion, Planned Parenthood offers walk-in services, online services and services by appointment. The Margaret Sanger Health Center, a Planned Parenthood branch in Tucson at 2255 N. Wyatt Drive, offers abortion services, birth control services, general sex education, emergency contraception, general health care, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, adoption referrals and women’s and men’s health services.

Men can take advantage of reproductive and sexual health checkups and exam treatment for jock-itch.

Walk-in services include emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and birth control refills. Online, patients can make appointments, fill out online medical forms and refill birth control. Other services must be made by appointment.

There are several religiously-affiliated pregnancy centers  near campus.

The New Life Pregnancy Center is part of the Arizona Baptist Children’s Services. It offers free pregnancy tests, counseling, parenting classes and proof of pregnancy for insurance purposes. They also offer information and referrals for adoption.

The New Life Pregnancy Center does offer information about abortion and contraceptives but does not refer.

“”We are here to provide options. We have STD resources, abstinence resources,”” said Melanie C. Martin, one of the center’s pregnancy counselors. “”Our heart is for the women.””

The center offers different forms of material assistance, such as gift bags for new moms, diapers, hygiene products, formula and clothing. Women can pick up gift bags a month before their due-date.

The center, located at 1779 N. Alvernon Way, is available to anyone regardless of religious orientation.

The Women’s Pregnancy Center, 2290 E. Speedway Blvd, is a Christian organization that says it offers unconditional acceptance and assistance.

When you log on to their Web site, you are immediately greeted by a video about the miracle of life. The site also includes videos such as “”Marriage: Worth the Wait,”” which promote abstinence. The banner of the site changes from worried women to more graphic pictures of fetal development.

The Web site does offer information about birth control, listing both advantages and disadvantages, although the site promotes abstinence.

The Women’s Pregnancy Center offers free pregnancy tests, STD education, a 24-hour hotline, ultrasounds, a prenatal clinic, confidential counseling, post-abortion counseling, material assistance, referrals for adoption and low-cost medical care referrals.

The Reachout Pregnancy Center, located at 2648 N. Campbell Ave., is a Christian organization that offers Bible-based counseling and support. According to Reachout, it is “”independent, non-political, non-sectarian and prepared to help you whether you are single or married, regardless of age, race or religion.””

“”We never turn anyone away,”” said Angela Schneider, the executive director of Reachout Pregnancy Center.

According to Schneider, Reachout’s brochure was developed by two UA students. They had a friend who had used Reachout in the past and appreciated the help and support they received. The brochure is available at Campus Health Service.

The Reachout Pregnancy Center offers free pregnancy tests and sonograms, pre-natal counseling and guidance, adoption information and referrals, counseling with parents, boyfriends or husbands, referrals for medical and employment planning, material assistance and a post-abortion counseling retreat.

The retreat does cost money, but, according to Schneider, scholarships are available, and no one would be turned away because she couldn’t afford the retreat.

Reachout does not refer for abortion or contraceptives.

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