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    “On the spot: Alex Gross, physics junior”

    What are you studying here?

    I am studying for an education class.

    What’s this book you’re reading?

    It’s “”Schools and Societies.””

    What’s it about?

    It’s about the different education systems throughout the world, pretty much.

    Are you reading the first line of every paragraph and skimming?

    I’m not. I’m actually attempting to read the chapter to take a quiz later.

    You’re actually attempting to read the chapter? More power to you.


    Do you actually read the textbooks that you buy?

    Uh, that depends on the class, honestly. For this one, yes, because the entire class is based around the book. For other classes, like chemistry or physics, I tend to just look at the things that are relative to what we’re learning in lecture.

    Yeah, it’s usually the ones where there’s the one-textbook-class that you actually read. And then the one that has about 10 books at 40 bucks a pop that stay in the corner. And then you’re like “”Oh my God, I have these!””


    Oh, the best part is when I turned in a book and they said “”Oh, this one’s out of date.”” It’s like “”Oh, that’s great. I’ve been learning from an out of date textbook””.


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