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    “On the spot: T.J. Dalton, pre-business sophomore”

    Are you a fan of physical or violent sports?

    Um, I guess so. I mean, I don’t watch that much MMA or any of that stuff, but I like to watch it sometimes.

    But you’re always down to see a good ass beating every now and then?

    Yeah, for sure.

    So who do you think would win in a triangle death match: Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan or Kimbo Slice?

    Shit. (Pauses) Um. That’s tough. Um, I’m going to go with Jackie Chan. He just has those secret moves, you know? The moves that you just don’t really know about.

    Yeah, he does his own stunts in his movies. You know about that, right?


    But how can he beat big ol’ Kimbo and the legend that is Chuck Norris? I’m going to need an explanation.

    Uh, OK. Kimbo Slice is a lot of brawn, I don’t know about brains though.

    OK, I can see that one.

    I mean, Chuck Norris is tough but I don’t know if he could take on the competition that Jackie Chan does.

    You weren’t a big fan of “”Walker, Texas Ranger”” or what?

    (Laughs) No, I mean my dad watched it a little bit but I never got into it that much.

    Yeah, I’m kind of over this whole Chuck Norris thing.  Everybody thinks he’s a bad ass.

    Yeah, it’s kind of weird.

    There are some funny jokes out there though. What’s you favorite Chuck Norris joke?

    My favorite one is just a one-liner. Did you know that Chuck Norris counted to infinity, twice? I like that one.

    I heard one the other day that was good. Chuck Norris cooked minute rice in 30 seconds.

    (Laughs) Chuck Norris, man.


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