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    My resolution: Help us help you

    For the majority of my college career, I have lived this paper, either as an avid reader or a proud employee.

    Now, as a perk of becoming editor in chief for this semester, I’ve been offered this pulpit to address you, our readers. But what best to do with it? Should I use it as a soapbox and talk about the tenets of what makes a good paper? Should I make tongue-in-cheek jokes about the solvency of print journalism? Should I quote a line from the latest Auto-Tuned abomination playing on the radio to show that I’m hip and down with you crazy kids?

    Instead, I think it’s best I turn it over to you.

    The thing I’ve loved most about working at the Daily Wildcat the past two years has been how it’s involved me with the community, exposing me to various factions, facets and intricacies that I never would have noticed.

    Countless stories that I’ve written have begun with an email, a text message, or a flier on the UA Mall. Hell, my job, and the job of every last reporter here, would be impossible without you.

    It is you, every last Wildcat reader in whatever medium you so choose, that is the true beating heart of the UA; the campus and community pulse we try our hardest to put a finger on. And it is our duty, as the No. 1 campus news source, to do no less than our best to be the kind of paper you deserve.

    We aren’t an insular, homogenous group of journalism automatons working feverishly out of sight and out of mind. We are out in the community doing everything we can to make this the perfect newspaper for the UA.

    We’re not just here to talk at you; We’re here to listen. Tell us what you think or what you find news or noteworthy. Email us, tweet at us, Facebook us, drop in and give us a visit.

    Flip the script and tell us a story you think is interesting or important. After all, we’re not infallible, story-generating machines. We do the best we can with what we’re given. Send us that story idea, let us know there’s an accident on campus, and tell us about your interesting professor. We want to hear it.

    So the next time a reporter approaches you on the Mall, stop and answer a few questions. Or at least give them enough time to prove they aren’t trying to sell you a new religion. Because the only thing we’re trying to convert you into is an avid Wildcat reader, and I’ll preach that from the mountaintops until I’m blue in the face.

    — Luke Money is the editor in chief for the Daily Wildcat and a journalism senior. He can be reached at or on Twitter via @WildcatOpinions.

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