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    Police Beat: Sept 2

    Shoplifting for your art

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer reported a shoplifting incident at the UofA Bookstore. A man had entered the bookstore at approximately 7:36 a.m. on Monday and went straight to the art supply section. He then placed several items into his front pocket and exited the store through the main entrance, only three minutes after he had arrived.

    A UofA Bookstore Security staff member confronted the man just outside the bookstore. The staff member recognized the man as a high school classmate and told him, “”You need to come with me.”” The man responded, “”C’mon, I have to get to class,”” addressing the staff member by his first name.

    The staff member then told the man he needed to come back to the bookstore. “”I have you on video,”” he told the man. At this point, the man took off running. The staff member went after him on foot but lost sight of the man when he turned toward the Highland Avenue bike path.

    The staff member went back to the bookstore to get a copy of the surveillance video that depicted his high school classmate shoplifting. A UAPD officer took possession of the DVD as evidence. The officer escorted the U of A bookstore Security staff member to the west side of the Parking and Transportation where another UAPD officer was interviewing a possible suspect.

    When the man was asked what his intent for shoplifting was, he said that he went there to get some art supplies but remembered he didn’t have any money. He then found the paintbrush he needed and put them in his right front pocket.

    The man was searched by the officer. The officer found two acrylic tubes of paint and a flat brush in his right pocket. Also, the officer found a small clear bag with a leafy, green substance in his rear pocket.

    The staff member confirmed and positively identified the man in question. At this time, the staff member was taken back to the bookstore, and the man was taken into full custody and booked into Pima County Jail for shoplifting. He was also charged with possession of marijuana.


    While you pee, watch your keys

    A UAPD officer responded on Monday when a student’s keys were stolen from his back pocket. The student said the keys were stolen while he was in the men’s restroom. The student had left his backpack on his back while using the urinals.

    The student said he didn’t notice any suspicious people in the area and that many people were going in and out of the bathroom. The student had his car keys in his backpack and noticed they were gone immediately after he left the restroom.


    Man in violation

    A man with a colorful alias was arrested on Aug. 30, 2010 at 8:46 p.m.

    He was on UA property and in violation of a UA Exclusionary Order. A UAPD officer saw the man walking near Park Avenue and made contact with him. The man told the officer he was on his way from UMC and was trying to find somewhere to sleep.

    UAPD ran a check on his exclusionary order and learned it was still current.

    The man was arrested, cited, and released with a court date.


    Don’t try to “”Rush”” against the police

    Two UAPD officers noticed three individuals outside a fraternity house on Sunday at around midnight. The men were walking toward two officers. Upon seeing the officers, one of the individuals began walking backwards quickly; He was holding some type of bottle. The man turned a corner and began to run.

    The UAPD officers radioed other officers who were on duty in the parking lot located behind the fraternity house. They spotted the running man, and an officer went after him on a bicycle until he was apprehended.

    A strong scent of intoxicants was evident on the man.

    When officers asked him why he ran from them he said, “”‘Cause I’ve been drinking.”” The man added that his alcohol consumption entailed “”eight or nine beers”” at a friend’s apartment. He only provided this friend’s first name to UAPD.

    The man apologized for running and said he “”should not have done that.”” He stated both that he did not drink at the fraternity and that he was rushing.

    Officers transported the man to Pima County Jail where he was booked for minor in possession of a spirituous liquor.

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