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“Live for today, graduate tomorrow”

Along with thousands of other UA students, I will finish college next month. When I was a lonely, admittedly naïve, freshman from the small town of Scotts Valley, Calif., I struggled to adjust to so many changes at once and couldn’t wait to finish my undergraduate studies.

At the time, I didn’t realize that I was wishing away the most phenomenal, thrilling years of my young life. The UA and the Arizona Daily Wildcat changed my life in the best way imaginable. I found exactly what I wanted to do with my life, that is, be a nonfiction writer, and I met exceptional friends and colleagues along the way. So it’s heartbreaking to part with such fantastic institutions as well as the highlights of my collegiate experience. Graduation is looming and it’s almost time to say farewell to literally hundreds of excellent, inspiring, fascinating individuals.

As if it’s not already haunting our thoughts, friends, relatives, classmates, the UA Web site and even the Daily Wildcat, continues to remind all graduating seniors that college is almost over. Just two days ago, a Daily Wildcat article mentioned that seniors only have 45 days left until graduation.

GradFest was last week, but you knew that already. If you didn’t receive a million e-mails from the UofA Bookstore beforehand, you might have seen the white tent on the UA Mall. If you read a physical copy of the Daily Wildcat, you would have also noticed Fast Copy advertisements for graduation announcements.

Who can avoid the inescapable small talk that surrounds graduation conversation, either? Acquaintances, neighbors, family friends and relatives are asking about graduation all the time: “”What are you doing after college ends? Are you going home? Will you go to graduate school? Are you going to look for a job? But wait a minute, why are you even trying to enter the work force during a recession?””

All the same questions, all of which are incredibly dull. Props to anyone who has managed to dodge this type of discouraging discussion.

Instead of focusing on the fact that graduation is right around the corner, why not just enjoy today, especially in Tucson where the weather is unbeatably gorgeous this time of year?

The phrase “”live for the moment”” is often viewed as irresponsible advice and sounds a little too spontaneous for anyone’s good. If given careful consideration, however, this aphorism could benefit everyone.

It’s crucial to prepare for graduation by completing degree check requirements, ordering a cap and gown, and passing all of your classes. But it would also be wise to take things day by day and concentrate on the present.

Instead of stressing out over graduation plans, why not go out for a few drinks with your friends this evening? There’s a good chance you’ll have to move away from your close college buddies after graduation, so have fun with them while you still can.

Because, really, all we have is now. I don’t want to sound too morbid, but for all anyone knows, death could come for us before the graduation ceremony, and we would have spent unnecessary amounts of time planning for a future that would never come.

That’s obviously the worst-case scenario, but being aware of it can serve to encourage us to live each day to the fullest. Appreciate life in college while you still have the opportunity rather than constantly remind yourself that you won’t be a UA student in a month’s time. Cross the graduation bridge once you actually get there.

Spring 2010 graduates have a lot to be proud of. Though the job market remains competitive, it’s a huge accomplishment to have a college degree, especially from a spectacular research institution such as the UA.

Take pride in your achievements, but don’t forget to slow down and enjoy everything that’s going on in your lives right now. And don’t waste time on boring conversations about graduation.

— Laura E. Donovan is a creative writing senior. She can be reached at

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