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Editor’s note: This article was produced as part of the Daily Wildcat‘s 2018 Campus Guide — the perfect resource for any incoming Wildcat. Whether you’re trying to find important dates, looking for a club to join or are interested in UA history and traditions, we’ll be there to help you get through your first semester. Welcome to the University of Arizona!  

If you’re reading this, you’re interested enough in student-run journalism to pick up a copy of our Campus Guide, or check us out online. For that, we here at The Daily Wildcat are extremely appreciative.

In this issue, you’ll find stories encompassing a broad spectrum of student experience: from clubs and cultural centers to where the football game is this weekend. People from Heisman Trophy hopefuls to student body representatives are profiled here, so you can better understand your fellow students.

And that’s because all of us here at The Daily Wildcat are students, too. If there is something big happening on campus, it’s a safe bet we’re on it. But since the UA, with its enrollment of close to 45,000 students, is so large and diverse, sometimes things get missed.

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That’s where you come in. As both our readers and our peers, we at The Daily Wildcat want you to know that, even more than being a resource for students, students are our greatest resource: student involvement and feedback makes us a stronger, more diverse and more informed newsroom.

So if you see something on campus and feel it deserves either scorn or praise, let us know. And if you read something in our pages that inspires (or disgusts) you enough to drive you to action, well, maybe you’ll be the subject of one of our stories soon.

Ultimately, our charge as journalists is to cover you — our community. It just so happens that that community includes all of “us,” too. That is the beauty of journalism. Far from being the “enemy of the people” that some see the profession as, we are “of the people.”

We strive every day to bring you the best, and sometimes less than best, of this community we call the University of Arizona. The decisions and events we write about everyday effect students, staff, administration and the surrounding community.

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Here at The Daily Wildcat, we’ll keep raising hell with, and for, all of you. Let us know if we miss anything, and look online and on newsstands for our latest content. Bear Down and have a great semester.

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