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    Police Beat: April 11

    Mumbling man punches pedestrian

    Police are still searching for a non-UA affiliated male who attacked another man on April 6 in the Warren Avenue pedestrian tunnel.

    A man and his girlfriend were walking south through the tunnel while a man walking directly behind the couple, was yelling incoherently.

    Once the couple reached the end of the underpass, the man turned around to see who was following them.

    Immediately, the suspect attacked the man.

    Unprovoked, the attacker punched the man in the left ear. In reaction, the man retreated and picked up a rock on the road and wielded it in order to defend himself.

    The assailant also grabbed a rock and said, “”You wanna get crazy, motherfucker?””

    Subsequently, the suspect noticed that people were beginning to gather around the scene, so he fled.

    A witness who saw the incident identified the assailant as one of her former high school students from several years prior.

    Other witnesses also said that they would be able to identify the attacker.

    The victim did not suffer any injuries from the attack and declined medical attention. However, he did want to pursue criminal charges against his attacker.

    University of Arizona Police Department officers were unable to locate the attacker after the incident and were not able to contact him at his house.

    UAPD detectives continue to investigate the active case.

    Employee passes out with his shoes on

    A UA employee passed out due to excessive alcohol consumption at work on April 6.

    UAPD officers responded to the University Services building after a caller, the man’s coworker, reported an unconscious man.

    The coworker had witnessed the man slump down in his chair at his computer.

    After watching him for a bit, the coworker determined that he hadn’t just nodded off but was actually unconscious.

    He attempted to wake the man by slightly pushing his chair, poking his shoulder and then shaking his entire body, all to no effect.

    The coworker said that the man was generally kept to himself but that this was not typical of his behavior.

    At 2:15 p.m., officers met with the individual as he was being evaluated by Tucson Fire Department.

    TFD advised the officer that the employee’s resting heart rate of 168 beats per minute was a medical concern and that he should be taken to the hospital.

    The employee, after exhibiting obvious signs of intoxication and a lack of concern for his high heart rate, was informed by the officer that TFD would not be able to release him without taking him to the hospital.

    In the emergency room of the University Medical Center, the man became argumentative and uncooperative with UMC staff.

    He denied taking any drugs or drinking any alcohol and removed leads and blood pressure cuffs while talking with police, against the orders of hospital staff.

    Security officers were then called in to secure the man in order to draw his blood.

    Multiple charges for alleged drug smuggler

    An anonymous caller to UAPD on April 7 reported that a UA student was packaging and shipping large amounts of cocaine through his dorm room using the United States Postal Service.

    At 7:37 p.m., a UAPD officer responded to the Coronado Residence Hall and went to the room of the suspect.

    After knocking at the door, the two residents came to the door but said they wanted to talk outside of the room.

    The officer asked the suspected student if he was packaging cocaine, and the student denied the claim.

    He gave the officer permission to search his half of the room.

    Inside the room, the officer found a bag of green powder that the resident called “”spice,”” some plastic bags with white residue, a “”cross”” joint, two metal containers with white and green residue and a bag with white powder.

    What the officer asked about the white substance, the student said the bags weren’t his and that he didn’t know how they got there.

    Also in the room, the officer found a backpack with the resident’s name embroidered on it.

    Inside the backpack were bottles of alcohol, which the student admitted to owning.

    The officer arrested him for possession of narcotics, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a fictitious driver’s license and minor in possession.

    A code of conduct referral was forwarded to the Dean of Students Office.

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