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    Your views: Online comments

    In response to “Guest Column: ‘Banned Books Week’ lacked plan for future” (submitted by UNIDOS, Oct. 15):

    i support you all the way! youth need to be involved just like you all
    — red neck jack

    Viva UNIDOS! Young intellectual warriors of our communities and culture.
    — A. Chavez

    Why don’t you stage your own events?
    ­— Carl

    In response to “Brewer’s chief of staff named finalist for position as regents’ president” (by Brittny Mejia, Oct. 15):

    Brewer’s regime is anything BUT “advancing our state’s higher education system”. Christ in heaven, how did this happen?
    Brewer attempted to both outlaw ethnic studies and promote bible studies at the high school level in the same year. She doesn’t even understand the nature of the CONSTITUTION (read: separation of church and state) which is taught in high school at the very latest, how can you even remotely claim to be capable of advancing our state’s higher education system.

    Dear lord baby Jesus! How did one of Brewer’s minions get into this position? What have we done?

    — disgusted

    In response to “Campus ministry group criticized for manipulation of members” (by Greg Gonzales, Oct. 10):

    I knew this place was a cult when I left in the spring of 1997 after only being there for less than two years. The most disturbing part is that not only is this church still in operation, but is expanding across the country to other college campuses.

    Why the UofA has not shut down the clubs on this campus is beyond me. Probably because those of us that leave just want to get on with our lives. It is hard enough running into members on campus knowing that they no longer want anything to do with you without having to fear retribution from Steve Hall.

    I never knew just how bad things were until I saw the FB page of Former Members of Faith Christian Church. I often wonder how I got mixed up in this mess, but it is easier to understand when you are a new kid on campus away from home for the first time. When their ministers are camped outside the dorms doing “surveys” they are a little hard to avoid.

    — Cynthia Picha

    New college kids away from home the first time generally cross a lot of lines… if they are Christian, they are desperately looking for a great Christian group… FCC is so inviting…the nightmare begins later.

    — Nina Lee

    Alumni have tried to lodge complaints (about Faith Christian Church). However, the Dean requires complaints to come from current students. I encourage any and all current students to talk to the Dean’s office about lodging a formal complaint.

    Another reason why complaints are hard is because the church has established clubs through current students. The university has already kicked the church off the U Of A campus…for multiple reasons. The clubs I know of are linked on the cult’s website…Native Nations in Christ…there were others too.

    — Alumni

    The day I realized their manipulation was intentional was the day I could start healing. Steve and the other cult leaders know enough scripture to be able to manipulate it just the right way to abuse people with it.

    I rest on the scripture where God specifically addresses judgment for church leaders. I will never attend a church where leaders don’t have an ounce of theological training. I encourage others to run (not walk) as far away from FCC and its offshoot cults immediately. Find a healthy, Godly church.

    — UA Alum

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