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Q&A;: Nick Boddy

The Daily Wildcat recently caught up with former Icecats goalkeeper and new Icecats graduate assistant Nick Boddy. Boddy took the coaching position at the beginning of this season after finishing up his eligibility with the team last year. Boddy ended his career with the Icecats’ all-time highest save percentage (.919) and the most points for a goalie (12).

Daily Wildcat: First of all, what made you want to take the graduate assistant job for the Icecats?

Nick Boddy: Well, last year, playing for the Icecats and ending the season the way we did and coming back, it just made me not really want to completely give it up. Coach Leo (Golembiewski) was talking about maybe needing some help so I just jumped on that opportunity to be part of the team again.

DW: What do you miss most about playing for the Icecats?

NB: It’s just being part of the team, getting ready for the games and the feeling of winning together when we play. Just the camaraderie.

DW: Did you look into trying to play anywhere after last season?

NB: Well, I still have one semester to graduate so that’s my first priority, then as soon as I’m done I’m going to hit the ice as much as I can and see what I can do.

DW: Any concrete offers?

NB: Not really. I have a couple of tryouts through friends on a couple of teams that I can go to, but other than that, I’m just trying to get in touch with old coaches and see what opportunities present themselves.

DW: Do you want to pursue anything in coaching?

NB: Eventually, yeah, I would love to. I’ve been playing hockey since I was five so it’s kind of been my life. If playing is out of the question then coaching would definitely be something I would look into.

DW: Any idea what level?

NB: I have no idea, I’m getting a degree in engineering so I will try and use that, and maybe later in the future see if I can coach little kids or maybe high school or juniors, something like that.

DW: What have you mostly been doing with the team?

NB: Well, I’ve been working with the goalies here and there just when there’s a little bit of extra time, or when the coaches are working with the forwards and defense. Also the other week there was an issue with the coaching staff so I ran practice and we did … a full drill practice. So it can be anything from skating around helping to running practices.

DW: Has it been weird for you, because you used to play with some of these guys?

NB: It wasn’t too weird until game time, then it kind of hit me that I’m not playing, and I’m here to help out and help the others and see what they can do. That was definitely the weirdest part about the whole deal, not going in the locker room and putting on equipment, but just getting ready and hoping the guys can perform.

DW: What do you think of this year’s team?

NB: In the four years that I’ve seen, this is one of the most offensive teams that I’ve seen. I think this team has the capabilities to score a lot of goals (in) a game. I don’t know why that’s not going on, but I think it’s a whole lot to do with having a bunch of new guys and everyone’s just trying to find their spot on the team.

DW: Goaltending has been one of this team’s biggest weaknesses so far. Have you tried to help some of these young goalies out a little bit?

NB: I’ve given them a few pointers of things that I’ve learned through the years to help them out. At the beginning we did some conditioning drills, which is mainly what I did. Now that we have some more consistent practice time, hopefully I can work with some of the goalies one on one.

DW: Last year’s team started off slowly (and) this year’s team has done the same at 2-7. Does it remind you of last year at all?

NB: Unfortunately, it’s pretty much déjà vu. For the last couple of years, we’ve been able to bounce back and pretty much win all of our games second semester to make a successful season out of it, but unfortunately it seems like we’re waiting to do the same thing this year.

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