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    Police Beat

    Pair referred to dean for marijuana use on campus

    Two men were diverted to the Dean of Students Office on charges of marijuana use Oct. 25 at 10:20 p.m.

    Police responded to the courtyard north of the Music building in reference to a strong odor of marijuana coming from the area.

    Upon arrival, police made contact with two men who were sitting on a bench in the courtyard. The men identified themselves to officers. Reports stated that there was a strong smell of marijuana around the bench.

    The men told officers that they had been sitting on that bench for the past 15 minutes and knew nothing about the odor of marijuana. Both men agreed to be searched. Remnants of marijuana were discovered inside the front pocket of one man’s sweater.

    Reports said that both subjects had red, watery eyes and their hands and clothes smelled of marijuana. A partially smoked cigarette containing marijuana was found on the ground behind the bench.

    Both men denied any knowledge of the cigarette. Both men were referred to the Dean of Students on charges of marijuana use.

    Man faces MIP charges after drinking at dorm

    A man was cited on charges of minor in possession of alcohol after his friends took him to University Medical Center on Oct. 25 at 9:05 p.m.

    UMC security called police after a man was brought in for medical attention by his friends. The man’s friends acted disorderly and were asked to leave. Security then walked the officer over to the student who needed medical attention.

    The man had bloodshot, watery eyes and a flushed face. He smelled of intoxicants. He also had slurred speech and made incoherent statements when asked questions. A records check revealed that the man was only 18 years old.

    The man was too intoxicated to be served with a citation.

    Police returned at 5:41 a.m. Oct. 26 and found the man in a bed in the hospital hallway. He was fully conscious and alert. He agreed to answer officers’ questions.

    The man said that he had been drinking the night before. He said that he had several shots of vodka chased with orange soda. He could not remember how many shots he had. He told officers that he was drinking at a residence hall on campus, but since he did not live on campus, he could not recall the name of the dorm. He did not know who provided the alcohol and could not recall when he actually stopped drinking.

    The man was cited and released on charges of MIP. Nurses reported his blood alcohol content was .277.

    Disorderly conduct, MIP charges at homecoming

    A woman was ejected from the UA Homecoming football game on Oct. 25 at 8:45 p.m. after pouring a soda on a University of Southern California player.

    Police made contact with a woman after a security guard saw her pour a cup of Coca-Cola over one of the USC players, while they were entering the locker room at halftime.

    While speaking to the woman, the officer detected the smell of intoxicants coming from her breath. She told the officer, “”I only had four beers, and I turn 21 tomorrow.””

    The woman told the officer that “”it was stupid to pour it on him.””

    The officer informed the woman that she was under arrest on charges of disorderly conduct and minor in possession of alcohol.

    The woman’s grandmother was called to pick her up from the game. Officers were unable to locate the player the woman poured her drink on.

    Woman assaults police officer at USC game

    A woman was cited and released for assault after an officer tried to get her to move during the UA Homecoming football game on Oct. 25 at 6:45 p.m.

    Several officers were attempting to clear the Zona Zoo area due to an incident that involved an injured police officer. As officers were ushering people in their desired direction, one woman was on her cell phone and not moving.

    An officer approached the woman and asked her to move along. She refused, saying that she was waiting for her daughter. The officer told her to move again. The woman refused and pushed the officer’s arm down. The officer asked her a third time to move as he stepped forward. At this point, the woman shoved both of her hands into the officer’s chest, pushing him back. Her arms were fully extended.

    The officer grabbed the woman’s left wrist and put her into a controlled hold. Two additional officers assisted him in handcuffing her.

    She was cited and released for assault.

    Man arrested on multiple charges

    Police arrested a man on several charges on Oct. 25 at 6:09 p.m.

    An officer was flagged down by a woman who advised him that she needed help with a intoxicated male who was interrupting her tailgating party and picking fights.

    At first, the man walked away, but a few seconds later, he returned and officers made contact with him.

    Reports noted that the man smelled heavily of intoxicants when he spoke to officers. He refused to give his name verbally or with identification. When the man opened his wallet, officers saw a CatCard that the man refused to display, denying that he had it.

    When the officers told the man that he was being arrested for disorderly conduct, he became angry and tried to walk away.

    As an officer stood in front of him, the man grabbed the front of the officer’s shirt with both hands. The officer pushed his body forward and shoved the man to the ground, where he attempted to roll him over.

    Officers could not control and handcuff the man, even though they gave numerous commands for him to put his arms behind his back. An officer warned the man that they would use a Taser on him if he did not cooperate.

    The man did not listen, continuing to resist and was Tasered for five seconds. He was then controlled and handcuffed.

    A medical team responded and cleared the man. Reports said that the man was cooperative with the medics. He then began to vomit for several minutes. The medics requested that he be taken to University Medical Center for further treatment.

    The man was cited and released for being a minor in possession, assault, disorderly conduct and false reporting to law enforcement.

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