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    Hey, Barkeep

    Alecia Runia is currently a bartender at The Wreck, a country themed bar.

    What’s your favorite drink to make?
    I like making up new drinks.

    What concoction are you most proud of?
    I made up a drink and it’s pretty delicious. Chicks love it. … It’s called a Double-Sided Dildo.

    Your least favorite drink to make?
    Probably lemondrop shots … just annoying and they’re not very good. There’s like, way better drinks. … There’s way better shots. It’s very amateur. People who have just turned 21 like them. I just think that they don’t know better.

    Is there a strangest, weird thing you’ve ever seen go down at the bar?
    People dressed up as gorillas, dancing on the bar. That was pretty fun.

    If, as a customer, I want to piss you off, what do I do?
    Be very rude, but at The Wreck you should be prepared because we’ll be rude back.

    What can I do to make your job as easy as possible?
    Be respectful. We’re not your servants. We are people as well. Like when people smile and are nice and talk to you and stuff like that, it makes your night a lot better.

    It’s funny how that goes a long way.

    Not too hard.
    Right? But you’d be surprised.

    What’s a drinking trend you’d like to see go away?
    I mean, we don’t have a lot of trends at this bar, because The Wreck is a very simple bar, in a way. We don’t make martinis, we don’t make those fancy drinks. It’s a good country bar that likes to have fun and we serve canned beer and drink from plastic cups. It’s just a lot of fun, so we don’t have a lot of trends. People for their power hour, or whatever, we get them on the bar and give them a birthday shot.

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