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    “On the spot: Kim Donnelly, pre-physiology freshman”

    What are some of the fashion trends out there right now that are kind of perplexing to you?

    Perplexing? Um, I’m going to have to say the piercings in people’s skin. Like, the body and the behind the neck thing. I just don’t get it. I don’t get it.

    Yeah, those are pretty creepy. Personally, I’m not too fond of the whole Ugg boots thing. What’s your take on them?

    I actually own a pair. I like them, they’re really comfortable. But I dunno, the other thing I don’t really get is this spandex pants.

    I guess I haven’t seen those yet.

    Oh, you’ve seen them. Like, girls wear them and they’re super tight. They’re ugly.

    I’ll keep an eye out for them. But I can’t get over the Ugg boots. Maybe they’re comfy but it’s like a million degrees out and people wear them.

    In the middle of September, no Uggs. In December or January, then you’re good.

    How much do Uggs cost?

    Oh, I think mine were like 150 bucks or somewhere around there.

    So you shelled out $150 for shoes that you wear for maybe a month and half?

    They’re so comfy though.

    But don’t they make your feet sweat and then the get all smelly?

    Mmm, no not really. I have a pair of Ugg slippers that I wear in my dorm.

    What about the bug-eye sunglasses, the ones that make people look like beetles? I don’t get those either.

    Some people can pull them off. Me personally, no.

    How are those even considered “”cool”” looking though? They’re pretty ridiculous.

    I guess, I don’t know. If a celebrity wears it it’s automatically cool apparently.

    What’s one of the dumb fashion things going on right now that you’re guilty of?

    Um, I’d like to say that I have pretty good style. (Laughs)

    But everybody’s got something. Come on now.

    Um, I’m probably most guilty of (pauses) well I don’t know. There’s got to be something, I just don’t want to admit it. (Laughs)


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