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Sports Sound Off: Sept. 21

Each week, the Daily Wildcat catches up with people on campus to talk about various sports topics.

Terron Ishihara, engineering freshman
Zachary Workman, engineering freshman

Are you guys big sports fans?

Terron: No, not for me. I like playing tennis, but I don’t watch any.

You don’t watch any? How do you know how to play tennis?

T: (Laughs) I mean, I watched the people who taught me how to play tennis.

Zachary: He was born with the talent.

T: Yeah, I’m a natural prodigy.

Z: He’s Asian.

Do you know of any tennis players?

T: I know the big ones, like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova. But I don’t actually watch any sports.

Do you think it’s ridiculous how women tennis players grunt?

T: How women grunt?

Yes, in tennis, they’re notorious for it.

T: They can be pretty ridiculous, but sometimes it’s attractive. (Laughs)

Oh, is it a turn on?

T: It can be, yeah. (Laughs) Like the Williams sisters have some pretty intense grunts.

So those are more intimidating than sexy?

Z: Those are turn offs.

T: I mean Maria Sharapova, she’s hot anyways.

Do you think Serena Williams could beat you up?

T: Yeah easily. (Laughs)

Do you play any sports Zachary?

Z: Oh God, no, I don’t. I like watching football though.

You’re roommates, right?

T: Yeah.

I guess he knows you best.

Z: I guess so. What is this? Is this “Punk’d”?

No, this is the Daily Wildcat.

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