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    Razorz Edge boutique sells alternative fashions to satisfy your edgy side

    Sally Lynx

    Clothes and other apparel for sale in Razorz Edge on Fourth Avenue. Fourth Avenue merchants will hold their own Black Friday sale day with deals from many local vendors.

    Throw in some rockabilly, a scoop of goth and punk, and a dash of mainstream with a touch of edginess and out comes the boutique Razorz Edge.

    The boutique has been bringing this edgy alternative style since to Tucson it opened in March 2007. Owner Lauren Baker said she has extensive experience in retail and had always wanted to open up a boutique.

    During her time working in retail, Baker met Rachel Balls, a co-owner of the boutique, and said that their chemistry steered them into opening up their own boutique.

    Fourth Avenue was the perfect location for the boutique’s alternative style because of its eccentric vibe, Baker said.

    “I knew this would be the perfect place for it because it’s funky, and we wanted to have an alternative store,” Baker said. “What better place where there is a bunch of fun bars, where there’s burlesque, a place where there’s Day of the Dead parades?”

    The name Razorz Edge harkens back to when Baker was in school and had to make business plans in one of her classes. She created the name for a boutique from her business plan, and the name stuck with her.

    “Razorz Edge to me just sounded edgy at the time, and that was probably, like, 15 years ago,” Baker said. “I just like the way it sounded, and it had the word edge in it, and we’re edgy.”

    Razorz Edge not only brings alternative clothes to the men and women who shop on Fourth Avenue, but it also carries many accessories, such as jewelry, purses, wigs and Halloween costumes.

    Since Halloween is around the corner, Razorz Edge is in the process of preparing its costumes for the coming holiday. Its variety of costumes ranges from popular packaged costumes to separate pieces sold in the store, so customers can piece together their own costumes.

    “We have a lot of the packaged costumes, or you can piece them out yourself. We have a lot of crop tops, we’ve got shorts, skirts, hosiery, wigs, the antlers, cat ears,” Baker said. “A lot of people that have to go to a lot of parties—especially people that go to date dashes—they want to come in for those individual items because they can use those for a lot of different costumes.”

    Aside from the costumes, Razorz Edge’s main focus is to cater to those who wish to create an alternative style for themselves.

    “We definitely label it under alternative,” Baker said. “But we carry a lot of rockabilly-inspired looks. We carry a decent amount of punk and goth stuff, as well. But we also like to carry stuff that’s a little bit mainstream, but has an edge to it, because we do still have to cater to the college crowd.”

    The mainstream pieces can be stylish tank tops and tees, and the edgier merchandise may bear a humorous picture of a cat riding a donut, for example, or a picture of Albert Einstein with the quote, “What he should have said,” Baker detailed.

    Other unique accessories in the shop are wallets, hand bags and jewelry that have sugar skull designs. The earrings also range in design from pentagrams to silver octopus plug hoops. There is also a variety of septum rings and necklaces.

    Marissa Myers has been working for Razorz Edge for six years and said she feels surrounded by family when she enters the boutique.

    “We are like a family, and we’ve all worked together for so long that the turnover rate is almost zero percent,” Myers said. “We all work with one another and work really well together.”

    She also said that the shoppers’ experiences should always be positive and that she makes sure customers are assisted in finding what they need.

    “I like it when I go into a store and I’m acknowledged and taken into thought,” Myers said. “When somebody leaves feeling beautiful and ecstatic, that makes me feel so good inside. So I strive to make everybody feel that way, even if it’s something small that they’re looking for.”

    Myers added that Razorz Edge customers can always find something they like, even if it is not their specific style.

    Baker said she would love for people to shop at her boutique because the store has fun pieces of clothing and accessories everyone can enjoy.

    Even if you are buying a gift for someone else, you can find something at Razorz Edge.

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