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“It’s not fair. It takes more than a week to get a feel for a class. … There’s only one physiology class and it’s impossible to get into. With all the money they collect, they should be making more physiology classes.”

-Kimberly Lee, Pre-physiology junior

“I agree with it. It prevents people from taking too many classes and they use the money to make more courses.”

-Kevan Joe, Linguistics freshman

“I wasn’t aware of the fee at all. They’re greedy. I’m already paying to go to class. Don’t charge me to drop them. … $130,000 for courses? Use some of it for scholarships.”

-Shawn Bui, Chemistry freshman

“Such an inconvenience. It just sucks. … I would think that there’s regulations like W’s or something from the Dean’s Office to prevent people from abusing the system. They don’t need to charge us $25.”

-Nick Wong, Pre-pharmacy junior

“$130,000 back into the classes is a good idea. There’s a lot of students and majors. The problem is I don’t know if that’s what they’re actually doing with the money. … Use it (fee money) to cover the lab fees, they’re ridiculous.”

-Kevin Ma, Biology freshman

“It makes people pick what classes they want more wisely, but it’s hard because the first week is when you see the best side of the teacher and don’t really do anything.”

-Piri Lanes, Political science freshman

“I wish the time period was a little longer — one month — so you can get a feel for the class.”

-Sarah Weintraub, Pre-education freshman

“It’s really unfair to students who are trying to plan out their schedules.”

-Olivia Sana, Psychology senior

“It’s a bad idea, especially for people trying to plan their semester. It’s unfair, along with tuition raises.”

-Diego Avilez, Regional development senior

“It sounds horrible. I dropped a class before the first week, and I’m glad I didn’t drop any after. It makes sense though, it’s how they make money.”

-Makenzie Thiel, Creative writing freshman

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